Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Today, let's talk about the wasted energy involved in wrapping Christmas gifts, shall we? Not that I have done any of that this year, but it is a subject near and dear to my heart, as I will be engrossed in that very thing for at least the next 24 hours. If I should find myself able to move at some point today, that is. Oh holy Christmas fruitcake, I have hurt myself---doing waaaaay too much, please no need to remind me that I wasn't supposed to do that, (sort of like closing the barn door after all the horses have escaped, you know). I worked until 3:30, which was longer than I had planned, and longer than the Dr told me I should, but I can't really say I was working all that time, it had been so long since I had seen anyone, I spent quite a while catching up with them...and everyone had to talk and comment on the fact that I was WALKING, the last time any of them had seen me, I was in bad shape, still in the chair. Then we had the long drive to the city and then---you all know how hard it is to shop this time of year, to park, to find what you want, IF you know what you was just a long, long night. And then, to top it all off, we had to deal with the mother of all fog's on the way home...and it was nearly midnight before I saw the welcome sight of my own brick barn. Ugh. Once I got here, I could barely get out of the car and I was shot, all the way through.

Needless to say, this morning, I am not ambulatory. Not in the least. I am in big pain,I was unable to sleep for that very reason, so I am mucho-tiredo on top of it all. Work was in my plan for the day, but I'm here to tell you, that is not happening. I am once again, living in pill-ville, and unable to accomplish anything. Damn.

Kitty's are not happy with me this morning, well at least Miesha isn't. She is the one that is actually sick, though, so I think her unhappy status has more to do with that than anything. Well that, and H and I trying to shove cold, pink medicine down her throat at twelve thirty this morning. Did you know that cats will not open their mouths for any reason when they are not in the mood? I didn't, but I am learning. She wasn't buying into it, and I got tired of fighting with her. No wonder she hates me now, but a call to the vet is in order today, as I am not going to fight her twice a day only to lose. She got a shot of antibiotics yesterday for the virus she has, and it's a good she will be late on any additional medication. I am used to dogs, and I know all the dog tricks, namely, when you have had enough cajoling and arguing, force it down them, and you will persevere. Cats are not the same.

Christmas much to little time. Another huge ice/snowstorm on the way today, only this time a lot of wind thrown in for blizzard and white out conditions...yes, we needed another weather problem on the weekend before Christmas. This now makes four Saturdays in a row. Wonderful, just wonderful. Bring it on, I say or in other words, can't dance, too fat to fly.

I have a grocery list as long as my arm. Or, I would if I wasn't in pill-ville today, I have to pull it together and think, woman, think. Poor, poor H. I am the luckiest woman, I am aware, that he will go and fight the crowds this morning, which I assume will be doubly bad, as it is the last weekend before the holiday, and also just before a big storm. Holy Christmas cheesecake, I shudder just thinking about the mess he will face today, while I sit here is my warm house...

I guess I will go and lay down. I am in pain kiddos...and the pills are not helping this morning. Legs, arms, neck. Damn. I hope each of you have some kind of a peaceful day today as you all try, like me, to get your holiday all wrapped up. Have a really, really good Saturday. :)



snuggle in your favorite jammies, wrap yourself in your favorite blankie, grab those little meows and relax. I feel for your H, but what is it about guys that they are just better at ignoring all the jumble, it's like wearing blinders unless someone HOT walks near by, but they are able to stay focused on the list, run in, and run out..they usually always find close parking spots too when the women aren't with. :)

have a great snowy saturday! Save some of that snow for us, tomorrow! :)
Feel better, too!

Gypsy said...

I'm sure if the positions were reversed you would do all and more that H has done for you. That's what a partnership is all about.

You really have to stop worrying about your work Jamie or you are just going to keep going backwards in your recovery. No job in the world is worth risking your health and well being for. Take care sweetie and try to relax. A relaxed body will feel less pain than a tense one. I made that up but it sounds like it could be true. If I don't get back again, I hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas.

SOUL: said...

hello there ....
sounds like a rather crappy start to your day--- i hope it improves. maybe if you take a couple pills, and have a nap, you will wake refreshed and feeling better. maybe. hopefully. perhaps. possibly. try it, and lemmee know if it works.

and about the kitties, how are you trying to give them the meds.? if the meat trick doesn't work.... do you lay em on their back and kinda pinch the back of their jaw? that makes em open their mouth..then ya just shoot the crap down the back of their throat before they have a chance to know what's even happening. but that's the hard part-- ya gotta be quick-- or it will end up on you and your lap rather than down their throat. i'd try puttin it in meat. :))

ummm... hmmm... what else? oh--- cheesecake eh? that made me want cheesecake--- even more than i wanted it a while ago. i just may have to have some. hmmm. yep. that is how i sill start this ball rollin today-- cheesecake is good for the SOUL ya know? uh well, i guess you do know .. :)) -- thanks again. cheesecake gives me power!
of what kind, i am not sure yet-- but i'll get back to you on that. k.

well.. i think i have forgotten the rest of your post now.
cept all that needs to be done-- i know H will help, so relax some, and just delegate him a honey do list.... :)) dontcha just love those???

well, anyhow-- have a great day. or try to.... rest first--- work later. and take breaks... don't try to do everything all at once. just a little at a time. it'll get done.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Please, please be a good girl and REST today, knock yourself out with pain meds if you need to. You've just come thru major surgery and are pushing yourself way too hard, Sweetie! It takes a lot of energy for a body to heal, let it happen. You don't want to live with the regrets of doing too much too fast later on, it just isn't worth it. Let the family make Christmas FOR YOU this year, I know they would prefer to have YOU feeling good than wrapped presents and lots of food. Lord, I wish I lived close enough to tie you to the bed, and then help get stuff done!! :-)

Amanda said...

I was one of those people wearing blinders at the mall today. Someone called me retarded because I walked right into their cart. Crowds have that effect on me.

I hope you feel much better tomorrow!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I agree with everyone else kiddo. Take your pain meds, keep warm, get as comfy as possible and REST. That's when you HEAL. I'm not fussing too much for our Christmas dinner...everything will be good but I'm not making such a variety as I usually do. Every year I cut out one more thing. (giggle) Pretty soon all we'll have is the turkey. LOL
Have a wonderful family Christmas Jamie...and take care of YOU.
Still sending prayers for you and the guardian angels are ever-vigilant. Big hugs.

SOUL: said...

are you sleeping in today?
i'm around when ya get here

Summer said...

How are you feeling this morning?

Beth said...

wrapping gifts really is a waste of time and energy, aint it? But I love to do it...shoot me!!

Have a Merry PAINLESS christmas girlfriend!!!