Sunday, December 23, 2007

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...

What ever happened to Burl Ives? Did he die? He makes me think of the old Rudolph special on tv, the one that ran in the 60's. Yes, I am dating that sounds funny! Dating myself, well the company couldn't get any better then, could it? Anyway, for some reason, he makes me think of the Rudolph special on tv, and the little guy riding the electric razor for a sled on the Norelco commercial. Is anyone out there old enough to remember what the hell I am talking about? yesterday, I sat here like I was made of stone, until I realized I wasn't and that plan wasn't working anyway. Things were not getting done, and I still felt as bad as before. So, I got up and did. And over-did. And today, it's deja-vu. But I am making some progress. H is very unhappy with me, in fact, last night, he was mad at me...but there are certain things that have to get done. Why on earth would I go to all the trouble of buying all these gifts only to NOT WRAP them? Or spend all that money and time and trouble (H's trouble and effort, not mine) at the grocery store, NOT to bake or cook a meal for Christmas? How exactly does he think all of this will get done? He is very, very good to help me. He is the best. But he cannot do everything. He is only one man. Frankly, if BOTH of us work at top speed, we will be lucky to get everything finished. Keep in mind that I am not complaining..not whining. I am just doing. I couldn't get back down the stairs and that is when he put his foot down (that saying really cracks me up, because many times he has done that only to have to pick it back up and made me sit down on the couch. Well, I let him think he was the big, strong, decision making man because I had to, hell---I couldn't do anything else. I literally fell asleep on the spot. That was all she wrote. (Does anyone know who the hell "SHE" is? I would like to ask her to keep writing....) I woke back up a few hours later, and he had continued to wrap gifts and we are making a pretty good dent in the job. Today, we will finish. And today, I will get in the kitchen. It will all get done. It always has. Do feel like it? But it will all be okay, and we will have a great Christmas. My kids would have been here to help, but they all live a considerable distance away and once again...the weather is not helping. I didn't want them on the roads yesterday afternoon, or late last night. I would rather do it all than worry about them in a blizzard. will soon be over. In the meantime, I am really trying to have fun and enjoy it. I really do love Christmas.

So, is everyone else running around like chickens with no heads today? I would like to know what you all are doing, too. I hope whatever it is, it is fun. Christmas should be about fun, love, know--all that mushy stuff, that gives you goose bumps on your arms. Have a great Sunday!


abbagirl74 said...

I am working. I am picking a store and I am going to plant my fat ass there and help them get through all of the last minute grocery shoppers who waited till the day before Christmas eve to do all of their Christmas/grocery shopping. Oh my, do I sound bitter? ;) I am not working all day though. No, not me. I am coming home and I am going to bake like I have never baked before. I have to bake cookies, brownies, cookie bars, and loaf cakes. I won't go to bed until I am done. So, that is what I am going to be doing today. Oh, and some wrapping of Christmas gifts.

SOUL: said...

i have house work, unpacking, decor-ing.. and ummm, i have to go get a carton of cigs lest i run out on a day that the entire town is shut down for the holidays. ooooh would that suck? yes it would. oh, and ice too.
and i suppose that is as far as my brain can travel at the moment for my list of the day. but there is more.

anyhow--- i got a kick out of your puttin his foot down line..pretty whitty this morning. :))

i hope you stay in a good mood today---and find a steady pace for your chores of the day. you have plenty of time, so take short breaks every once in a while. you do not want to be stuck on your back when your family is there . k?

anyhow--- have a great day--

Gypsy said...

I have been running around like a headless chook trying to get all my Avon orders delivered before Christmas since I know there are gifts in them. I still haven't finished my shopping and there is only one day left and my house looks like an atomic explosion went off. Apart from that everything is hunky dory.

In case I don't get back here tomorrow, I hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Christmas Jamie. When the kids get there, put your feet up and let them spoil you ok? Love and kisses, Karen xxx

JYankee said...

OH yeah??? I am NOT running around with my head cut off...cuz it's not OFFICIALLY celebrated here YEah! Well.. do enjoy the day..and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Maria said...

I not only remember the Burl Ives Christmas show about Rudolph...but I bought Bing the abominable snowman from that show last year. And we have the cd and all three of us know "We're a couple of misfits....I am not just a nitwit..." and sing it with regularity in the car.

We also sing "There's Always Tomorrow" and J...there IS always tomorrow. So, yeah...REST.

Mary said...

I'm doing last minute baking today. . . brownies, peanut brittle, and a coffee cake. The kids requested "Breakfast for Dinner" so cooking the actual meal will be easy. The house is far from perfect but then so am I. We kinda compliment each other. I may be lazy but I prefer to let the children enjoy themselves - I'll wipe fingerprints and pick up stuff later. I refuse to stress.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Sigh ~ yessss, I remember Santa sliding down the hill on the Norelco razor. Wish they would put some of those oldies on once in a while....just for old times sake. LOL
Hope your weather lets up so holiday travel won't be hazardous. After everything is said and done, we may not even have a white Christmas here...the snow has all melted. That's the only time I like Christmas. Oh well.
Have a wonderful Christmas, Jamie, and try not to overdo.
Big hugs.

Raine said...

Yep I remember that one too. Have a holly jolly christmas and in case you didnt hear, oh by golly have a holly jolly christmas ....this year!