Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It had to be you...

This time change is really kicking my ass. Well, that and all the issues going on around me, as I was up for many hours with stomach pain last night.

So...Janelle is home and I'm happy to have her. She is not all that happy to be back in this ice ridden state, and is preparing to go back to NC in a few weeks. She has alot to accomplish first, and it's going to take real work to get back there. I understand how she feels and support what she wants to do. She looks like my old daughter once again, and that certainly is a plus. The time away accomplished what she needed it to.

Early yesterday morning, my plans changed and I ended up going to the city to be with my mom during her surgery. Once again, she was sent home without it, as they generally felt her health was too poor. I took that as a sign that she is NOT supposed to have this damned thing done at this time. I have had really bad feelings about it in the first place, in fact, no one felt good about her having it done right now. I certainly want her back to be fixed so that she can live a little, but she is not doing well at all right now, and I was quite happy that they were not willing to take the risk. I want her out of pain, but I want to keep her around a while longer, too.

Work is an awful and upsetting mess. I was only there from eight until eleven yesterday before I left for the hospital, but that was long enough for me to know that I cannot keep this up for much longer. My only concern is trying to teach my job to the girl that is taking over, and I am not sure how much I will be able to accomplish before I have to leave. I have not had ulcer pain like I have now for years. I wish I could just let it all roll off of me, but this is apparently too near and dear to my heart to not feel it all. I'll keep trying.

It is supposed to be almost warm today---in the 50's! The ice and snow are just about gone, maybe in another day or two. I am so ready for spring this year, I can't even tell you. I don't remember a winter like this one, ever. Good riddance, I say.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday. I will catch you all later.


Summer said...

I've been watching your weather on the news lately and you certainly have been beat up this year.

Hang in there.

SOUL: said...

i am FIRST !!!!
bwa ha hahahaahah


sorry--- childish i know- but fun still...

you know -- i'm sorry things are tough for you-- but i really just KNOW it's all gonna change-- and soon. and you will be yourself again.

glad your mom is ok... i hope they can at least make her more comfortable- until they can get the surgery done. and when they do that-- i hope it is what will do the trick. i'm sorry she is in pain. i bet she did like to see you though. that was good medicine for her i'm sure. :))

happy to hear your girl child is home safe.
you can rest easy about that much now. :))


SOUL: said...

oh SOB>> summer --- that is just NOT right :((
i WAS first

Gypsy said...

LMAO at Soul....I'm sorry to hear about your mum's surgery too Jamie but as you say, it seems like it's not the right time.

With all that has been going on with you since I first started reading a few months ago, I'm amazed you didn't get an ulcer long before now. Thank goodness you are getting out of that dealership. No job is worth losing your health over.

Glad Janelle got home safely and is almost back to her old self.

Mary said...

It's good to hear that your daughter is being able to move on. That's as it should be.

If surgery isn't the best route for you Mom right now, I'm glad the doctor was professional enough to delay. I'm sorry she's still in pain. I know you hurt for her.

Jamie, this situation is taking too much of you. Don't worry so much about the training. Anything you teach the girl will be questioned by the new owner. Let him worry about training. You take care of yourself. What's he going to do? Fire you?

ac said...

Yea for daughters coming home, weather warming up, Mom's staying around a long time, and being DONE with that place in just a few short weeks!

Cheryl said...

You're that much closer to your last day, and that's a good thing. Just do what you can while you're there, then walk away. Let the new owner own it.

I hope today is a better day for you. The weather changing should bring some relief to you. No snow today!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't think there's much you can do about the situation at work...just try to train the new person and get out of there ASAP! Glad to hear the weather is on the up and up...it's about time spring came your way! Your mom, yeah I hope she is able to get the needed work done necessary to heal... thinking of you.

Brad said...

I've been checked out for a couple of days but just wanted to check in with you - Love ya Sis. Better things are on the horizon.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm so sorry you have so much pain and issues with this job. I sure hope it gets over soon.

I'm glad Janelle got home safe and sound. It sounds like she found what will help her along.

Take care friend.