Monday, March 10, 2008

I went to a Garden Party

I overslept by an hour, hmmm...think it has anything to do with the time change? I HATE the way that congress dicks around with our time. Like we don't have enough problems with TIME in the first place, why must they take another hour from us? Please don't tell me they give it back in the fall, I am well aware of that...but if you are going to try and save time, then I feel like that hour should at least come back to us with some interest...perhaps another twenty-four hours attached to it?

I worked on tax shit yesterday until I had the headache from hell, then I was on the phone for well over an hour with my little sister. By the time that conversation ended, I had a true migraine headache. I don't believe I have had one of those for at least twenty years, wth?

While on the marathon phone call, it was decided that she and her family along with my older sis will be here the weekend of our Mom's birthday, arriving on the 21st. I am looking forward to that, and I know that our Mom will be happy about it. Because I'm certain that Mom is not up to that many house guests at once, the younger sis, her husband and my littlest niece will stay here with us. That will be fun---my three year old niece Carli is a trip, and so much fun to be around.

It's a wonderful Monday again. I am not in the mood this morning for the bullshit happening at work, and I fear that my mouth may just overload my backside. It is my intention to keep my head down and mouth closed, but you all know what happens with good intentions. Mark has to leave in the early afternoon to go pick up Janelle in KC, it seems without him around to for me to vent to, I don't stay nearly as calm. Does anyone have a xanax?

Happy Monday to you all.


Summer said...

This reminds me of an old saying, "Don't let your battle ship mouth get your row boat ass into trouble."


I hope your day turns out ok.

Gypsy said...

I am priority posting you some of my meds which are guaranteed to knock your socks off and flatten you on your back....

Sorry to hear about your migraine Jamie. I get them a lot so my heartfelt sympathy there.

Maybe wear a gag to work. I know I would never be able to keep my mouth shut in your situation so best of luck with that and I hope you have a good Monday.

SOUL: said...

awww damn...
talk about the tortoise and the hair. i get slower by the day---
oh well.. at least i made it over. i did try tho-- but you're right-- i was late, by an hour.
if i woulda got up on time, i woulda been first :(

sorry about your headache -- that's my middle name lately -- hope yours is gone now-- stress and lack of sleep are not good for headaches-- neither is small print, in large quantities. :((

as for everything else-- just try to take it easy--- one thing at a time.

and hey-- be grateful your cat didn't pee on the floor this morning!... or did he? .. cuz mine did... ugh.
why? no idea. just a blatant act of defiance i think.

ttyl.. i hope you have a good day today---

Cheryl said...

I got a LOL from your first paragraph. Time back with interest? Love that!

I've been waking up early. This morning before 5:00. What's up with that?

Hope today finds you closed-mouth. You might look into one of those stress balls to squeeze. Better than some of the alternatives!

Mary said...

I can't count the times that I bit my tongue to keep from sounding off. I understand your situation.

Concentrate of your Mom's b'day and the three year old niece. Little ones put everything else in the background.

Thinking of you. I responded to your comment on my post.

Portia said...

the job has certainly gone downhill fast. good luck with it and i hope it's a good monday, all things considered!