Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Starting over again, where do you begin?

AS of 4:25 pm yesterday, I am officially unemployed. I no longer have any reason to get up at the butt-crack of dawn, or any reason to lay awake all night, worrying. Unless of course you count all the worry that will be necessitated by having no money and not being able to pay all the bills. About that, I am terrified.

I will not go into all the ridiculously boring details, but I left after writing a letter of resignation to the new owner, and I had the blessing of the previous owner. While I was away at the hospital on Monday, many things had changed, and the biggest change was that I was being treated like I was doing something wrong, like I was hiding something from the new guy. He of course, wouldn't say that TO me so that I might be able to address such ridiculousness, he would only say that to everyone around me. It was Bill, (old owner) who felt that I shouldn't allow DJ (new owner) to treat me the way that he was, and it was at his insistence that I go. So, at least I don't feel bad that I have let Bill down, but I do feel awful about leaving the girl I was to train. I was beginning to have serious doubts that DJ even wanted me to do that, and while I love her very much and don't mean to make an already bad situation worse, this really was the only choice I had. I hope she understands. I will be available to help her over the phone if she wants to call. In some ways, this will be easier for even her, as I know the struggle between old and new was getting to her, as well.

I will file for unemployment this morning, and let him fight it. I don't think he will have much to fight---after consulting an attorney friend, this was done in a manner that should let me collect. It would certainly help if I could, the rest will have to be up to God, as I have no clue what to do now or how to go about it. For the next few days, I am not going to worry about another job, at least not seriously. After that, after the shock wears off, I am sure something will come together.

Happy Birthday to me. Dammit. I am 48 years old, and starting all the way over.

Have a good day. :)


JYankee said...

well...things will definitely look better in a few will really be glad you did what you if i could only get the courage to do the same in my disastrous company!

JYankee said...

oh and Happy Birthday!

SOUL: said...

i feel the edge in your voice-- but i hope you are able to put off the worry and stress for ONE more day. you deserve a 24 hour break... it's your birthday--- (that's some kinda song-- have janelle sing it for ya-- cuz i don't remember how it goes :))

anyhow-- i hope you can have a really good birthday... i know it's tough when so much is goin on-- but it can happen.. besides-- there's good things comin your way soon too-- just some scheduling to get worked out-- right.

it'll get smoothed out-- and all will be fine.

and good luck on the unemployment thing-- i have a good feelin about that-- lemmee know how it goes. the worst thing about that-- last time i checked-- which was like forever ago-- it took like six weeks to get a check.. i woulda starved to death to wait that long-- so i didn't even get to collect-- (after i got out of the navy-- so i was lucky enough to work in a freezin ass lumber yard. woo hoo-- what a job. you know i loved that job :(( NOT.

happy happy birthday--- i demand it-- end of discussion... :))


Gypsy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE. Quitting that demoralising job was the best birthday pressie you could give yourself and if there was ever a perfect day for a new beginning, then this is it.

I was 8 days old when you were born.....imagine that. I hope you have a wonderful day. Try for just this 24 hour period to put it all out of your mind and just ENJOY!!!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Yes indeed, Happy Birthday to You! And happy first day of the rest of your life,too! I can only guess how scary life feels at the moment, but I know that God isn't going to let you down. First off, your body, mind, and spirit need a time for rest and healing. The best gift you will receive for your birthday this year, is not having the dark cloud that workplace has become hanging over your head - for the first time in a long time. Please do something fun for yourself today, even if it's getting your nails done or your hair colored or whatever. I wish you a MUCH brighter, healthier and happier year ahead! Much love, Josie

bonnie said...

Is it really your birthday? Well, what a gift you've given yourself, climbing your way out of hell. I am sure you will never regret it. Ever. Oh happy day! I love getting paid to not work, but it can get isolating so I hope you find a great job soon. I'm sorry about your mom, her pain, the risk. My thoughts are with you.

Cheryl said...

You did the right thing in leaving early. Why torture yourself for another week or so when the end was in sight anyway. You've closed one door so another will open. And it will open.

Not a great way to start a birthday. I wish I had a magic wand. I's twirl it around and have you at the job of your dreams. In the meantime, spend today doing a little dreaming, OK? Happy Birthday!

Portia said...

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaay!!
No worries is a great birthday plan. You made the best choice for you and it WILL work out. All that terror just keeps you going;) Truly, I hope you have a fabulous birthday! Cheers:)

Mary said...

Happy birthday. I hope you got the email I sent. You gave yourself a wonderful gift by leaving that hell hole. Mr. BJ now has the opportunity to enjoy his newfound treasure. I'm glad you consulted your attorney about unemployment. If Mr. BJ says very much about your hiding things the attorney can also make him prove or pay-up. You're in charge now. You go girl!!

This is the beginning of something new are wonderful. Just give it a few days.

Again, Congrats on resigning. And HAPPY B'DAY!!

Brad said...

I'm glad you stood up for your self. No one deserves that kind of treatment and it's important (I can't stree it enough) to keep toxic people out of your life.

Spring will be with us soon - the time of beginings and growth. An you know, timing is EVERYTHING !

Hugs -

fiwa said...

First, Happy Birthday!
New beginnings, what a great way to start your new year. Try not to let the worry get you down - you did the right thing, and I think you did it at the right time too. It wouldn't have mattered how long you had stayed, that girl is going to have to pick up at some point and figure things out for herself in a way that works for the new management. You needed to get out for you.

I hope you enjoy your day - and that many little blessings fall in your lap.


ac said...

Life has a way of working itself out. Don't worry.

Happy Birthday to you! ac

Golden To Silver Val said...

Happy Birthday dear Jamie! I know you may not think this is the best birthday you've had, but this was meant to be and good things are coming your way. I'm glad you left that place and with old owner's blessings, it did make it easier I'm sure. As they say, "No one puts Jamie in the corner". That IS how it went, right? LOL I'll have a drink to you tonight and you can have an extra one for me! Big hugs and remember how much you're loved.

Kelly Jene said...
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Kelly Jene said...

Sorry I screwed up on my comment!

I'm glad you are free from that place if nothing else.

I will add in my prayers for unemployment and an answer for the future.

Happy Birthday friend! You're free!

Andrew said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you are well Jamie!

simonsays said...

All of you are the best ever, I thank you so much for all the birthday wishes---and of course for being my cheering section.

I don't know, literally, where I would be without you.


SOUL: said...

sorry i missed you tonight-- :((
i was watchin american idol -- i know-- i'm not just exciting-- i'm damn exciting. :))

anyhow-- after that, my child kidnapped me to watch tv with her-- and then she pinch attacked me !!!!
it hurt too-- little turd.

anyhow-- i hope your day was a good one-- gotta hand it to the postman-- they're pretty quick lately eh?

anyhow-- happy birthday-- again-- i really hope something special and happy happened today-- even in the midst of all your crappola---

k.. well.. my alarm is set-- but lately it doesnt seem to help--this time i told hubby to kick me when it goes off-- so i just may may catch you in the morning.



Happy Belated Birthday, i'm sorry for all of this now, I guess the brighter side is that next year will be better, so you have something to look forward to!

Hang in there, and look at the brightside, you'll have a few days to relax and recoup and that's a good thing!
Make sure they give you severence pay!!!
Thinking of you and your family!

Rebecca said...

Happy belated birthday. I hope it was a good one.

And I am really sorry that the new owner ran you off like that. Un freaking believable. What an ass. I hope you are able to collect unemployment! Hope everyone can, and drive up his premiums!

Anyway, I know I am late to this particular dance. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.