Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bullet post

When things get really rough for me, I don't want to talk. I never have. It all becomes like a brain overload, sort of in a word jumble format. So, we'll leave it at that, okay?

  • I did manage to find just the right birthday gift for my mom, at least I think I have found it, I ordered it online, and it's not here yet. She is so tiny and hard to buy for. She wants a new robe but it cannot be a long robe, she wants a short one. When you are only around 5 foot nothing, all robes are long. Victoria's Secret had one that I think may work, so that made me happy. And I found very cute pajamas too, in size extra small petite. Yea me!

  • Mark had a job interview yesterday with a headhunter. He personally knows the family that owns the business that is looking for a GM, and told Mark that he would fit in there perfectly. I am praying that this is the "one". I would feel so much better if one of us had something happening in the job department. It would be such a great job, that I wouldn't have to work too much for awhile, and right now, not working too much sounds like pure heaven.

  • The ice cream store begins the "Let's do lunch" program today. It is not officially open, but on Thursdays, we deliver lunch to a nearby factory. So, it all begins today. My oldest son has it all under control, he is doing well. In just about three weeks, we will be open for business.

  • Guess what? I still have no coffee filters, but I didn't cry about it. I was too worn out to stop anywhere on the way home, just getting through the door turned out to be a big enough problem.

Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

very good wrap-up. good luck to mark and his job hunt...hopefully you'll be able to get those coffee filters soon....and well..yeah taking a break from the work world cant all be that bad...and ....damn...and I FIRST again? Where's the Soul (slacker...)??? LOL just kiddin...

SOUL: said...

she's not kiddin.. she's taunting me!!!! LOL

did ya try the paper towel thing? or are you not white trash enough for that? :)) i wouldn't bother with it if i had the metal basket either-- but hey-- when ya gotta do what ya gotta do-- ya just do what ya gotta do. right?

i hope things begin to go your way jamie-- some things here sound pretty good.. or least seem to have the potential to turn out in your favor. and that of the rest of your little clan too.

oh and hey-- is the title here-- some sort of subliminal message? hope not. breathe in-- breathe out. you're gonna be ok ... i really know it doesn't feel that way-- but i know it's true. i have a story i may or may not have shared yet --and i will spare your readers here-- but you know-- there's more than one reason i got out of the navy-- and being pushed into a corner was one of them. but i did survive. and you will too. just remember you have a voice-- besides-- if you get fired-- he will have no choice but to give you unemployment-- so you have nothing to lose for standing up for yourself against me BJ. you say bj-- i say asshat. end i think both are too kind to suit him. i think we should get janelle in here to name that guy.

alrighty then.. i spose i'm done. for now.

take LOTS of smoke breaks today-- he can't bother you if he can't find you! :))


Gypsy said...

1st, 2nd & 3rd....same order as last night..ha.

Now this is good. There are some small positive signs happening and that is just the start Jamie. It would be so wonderful if Mark got that job, not just for him but also to allow you to take a break for a bit from work. I really think you need that to regroup and get yourself back on track health wise and emotionally before jumping on the job hunting bandwagon.

I hope the good news keeps coming and have a great Thursday. Mine is just about over.

Mary said...

It's good to know Mark has the interview. Wishing him success.

I've been known to use paper towels for coffee filters many times. They are better than cleaning that metal filter. Soul, is right. . when BJ gives you hell you give him hell right back. What's he going to do - fire you?

You've had a hard run, Jamie, and I know you're just about at your wits end. It will pass, though. A better time is ahead for you.

abbagirl74 said...

Your mom is going to love that Victoria Secret robe. What color?

I am so happy to hear that your oldest son is doing well with the business. I love reading about it because it reminds me of when I worked in one.

As for the coffee filters, well, I guess there is always instant coffee.

Have a great day!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I am like that too, Jamie... when life gets really tough I lock down the hatches and don't communicate much.

Delighted you found the perfect tiny pjs and robe for your Mom, something that will definitely make her smile. Ahhh, to be that tiny! :-)

Great news that your son has things geared up at the ice cream store, this is a wonderful opportunity for him to learn and grow with a little guidance from mom and dad!

Will keep Mark and the job opportunity in my prayers - what a blessing that would be for him and for you! I'm tellin' ya, God DOES have a plan in the midst of all this chaos and misery. (If only we were given magic glasses that could help us to see it!)

Soul is right about paper towels - they make perfect temporary coffee filters!

Hope the rest of the work week passes quickly and the next week too! And when you finally leave that place - change your phone number, let the assified new boss figure it out on his own!

fiwa said...

That's great news about Mark's interview, I hope it goes well.

And the ice cream shop sounds like it is plugging along.

i hope it works out so that you can take a breather after all of this.

happier days are on the way.

ac said...

Thinking about you today. That's all. Just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts. ac

Rebecca said...

LOL...I've done the papertowel as a filter thing...but not for a WHILE!!

I am catching up here, so i am probably missing some background. This is me reading on...


Kelly Jene said...

Sounds like some okay/good things are happening. Not working would be great!! Maybe you could give that neck of yours a break. Would you like me to mail you some filters? I have a ton. ;)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Good luck to Mark.

You know what, I didn't realize why I switched to instant coffee - and after reading this post, it finally came back to me - because I had ran out of the bloody filters!

Nope, not bother to buy more filters, drink instant instead - yeah I must have lost my mind!!!

Are you going to feed the fish this weekend? Hope being out is going to brighten up your day a little :)

Portia said...

sounds like an exciting job prospect for mark! good luck:)