Friday, March 07, 2008

And another one's gone...

Our best salesman quit yesterday. He is a man of integrity, so it came as no surprise. And another one bites the dust...

Friday! Woohoo! I don't work tomorrow! Can I get another Woo and then a Hoo? I must make it through this day, and then two days away from the hellhole. Tonight, "I have to get my drink on", to quote Pearl, the most adorable three year old ever, (from an internet video that was made by Will Ferrell).

And maybe by tomorrow, I can start to feel better. Maybe after a time away from there, I can begin to understand what is happening there, because all I can see right now is the death and devastation that the new regime has brought. Bill, previous owner, says this is the way the business is moving in general. I can't disagree with him. But I don't have to like it. I don't have to choose to work in that sort of environment, and while I am the first in line for high grosses, you'll not find me being outright deceitful to get them. Sales is enough of a mind game, enough of a show of oneupmanship all by itself. The high that comes from playing the game should be enough, if you are good at what you do. We all still have to live with ourselves, look at our own face in the mirror each morning. Has that become a thing of the past, too? And so, it is with a heavy heart that I go to work this morning. We only had two salespeople - both good men, families to provide for, and good at what they do. Both made good livings there. They are/were dedicated to their jobs, and genuinely cared about the customer, as well as their own pockets. I expect the other one won't be far behind on the "don't let the door hit you in the ass" trail.

Others that work there, are considering leaving, too. I am surprised at the behavior of one employee, as that person has apparently sold their soul to be a part of the new plan. It's funny what a little smoke up the proverbial skirt can do to a person. I think the new guys will be left with three, maybe four, employees. And I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they wanted all along. But like I have been told by someone that is smarter than me "forget it, don't worry abut it, just do what you have to, and let it go". I'll get right to work on that. Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

do you think we work for the same company? we have had more than 20 people quit...most of them were the company's best and brightest... wth...i guess it is us bozo's that are left..oh well..just get at what has to be done with minimum effort..and GO my philosophy these days...and what is this...i am FIRST again!

Caroline said...

I've been over sleeping a lot lately thanks to my doctor. But, I'm doing ok. Stressed at work and at home. I'll catch up with you and Soul girl this weekend. Enjoy your TWO days off. WooHoo!

abbagirl74 said...

WooHoo! Time away from there will do you some good. You should never have to question integrity.

Gypsy said...

Gawd I better get in quick before Soul gets here. She's gonna be pissed that she's 5th.

Business is business, that's true enough, but a little integrity goes a long way. You are too good for that place Jamie and the quicker you can get yourself out of there the better.

So here's a woo and a hoo and have a happy weekend. I have to hit publish now or Soul will beat me to it.

SOUL: said...

good morning... and woo-- and then a hoo--- too :))

ya know-- it has been quite some time since you've had TWO days off from that place.... i wish the timing was right for us to hook up somewhere-- but doesn't it figure that it isn't?? dammit. the childs birthday is sunday and hubster has a tourney the same day---soooo that kinda puts that idea out the window--- not to mention i'm sure you got things goin on too. if nothin else--- you got a lot of drinkin to do !!!! :))

gypsy and yankee--- i'm gonna get up extra early tomorrow just to beat you here!!! bwa ha hahaha!!!!
i don't know what's wrong with me -- i used to always be FIRST--- almost. :))

k... i forgot everything again... i swear i have sushiT - brain lately.. wth?

anyhow--- i hope you can leave hell where it belongs and have a really really GOOD weekend!!!!

keep an eye on your mailbox!!! :))


fiwa said...

WooHoo! The weekend is almost here.

I hope today goes by quickly for you.

Get that drink on, girl!

ac said...

Hey hey it's the weekend! Put that place out of your mind for the evening and let the good times roll!

Rebecca said...

Hiya, Jamie. Woo and a big ole hoo! It is the downside of Friday, and miller time is just a few hours away!! Hope you have a good weekend. We are going to have a monsoon, so indoor activities it is. Enjoy!!

Brad said...

I'm hoping the two of you do some good self-spoiling this weekend. Go to brunch at a sit down resturant. Go do something indulgent for yourselves. You both deserve it.

Go have some fun Sis !

Brad said...

I thought I'd try and get my morning greeting into you first for once. even if I have to approach it from the other side

Goodmorning Sweets - Have a great day -


SOUL: said...

now i'm in competition with aunt brad too !!!!

Portia said...

pass me the bottle, pearl! that little girl cracks me up:D
it is one thing to be hired by a company only to find out you don't respect them, but it really sucks to have your place of business transformed into one you don't respect overnight. uuugh.