Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'....keep those doggies rollin...

Sorry, just the song wandering around in my head when I woke up this morning. Do all of you have music in your head the first thing in the morning? I do, each and every day. In fact, I have a full blown stereo going back there, 24/7/365. Is it that way for everyone? Sometimes, I tune in to what's playing back there, and I wonder "where the HELL did that song come from?"

A quick update on CrazyDog---doggy xanax does NOT seem to be working. H says it will take time, I say bull puckey...a tranquilizer either works or it doesn't. She fights the sleep when we did give her the full pill at once, walked the circle pattern of our downstairs until I thought I would lose it, although she did stagger and her little curly tail hung down and I couldn't stand that, ahhhh....damn. We still have her on half a pill in the morning and a half at night, and there is virtually no change, she is still as crazy as she ever was, only maybe a little more URGENT about it now.

OS (oldest son) came by and visited yesterday and will be back on Sunday to help H put up the Christmas tree and all the decorations. He said that he didn't care one way or another if the tree was there or not, but he know that it mattered to me, and he didn't want to hear about it when I protested. He said he hoped it would help me not be so sad. Of course, I cried. The funny thing is, he is the scroogiest child I have. :)

I got a huge amount of work done yesterday from home. It really helps not to have to fight to get out, and use my energy in that damned chair. I was completely worn out by 2:30 but still, I felt pretty good about it. I am surprised at my lack of strength and wonder if it is completely from NOT doing any thing, how sad is that?

I dreamed I was walking somewhere, I have no idea where. But it was so beautiful there- and I was so ABLE to walk---it was so wonderful. There was lots of green, and a waterfall, and I don't remember being there before, but it felt so good. I think I was by myself, and it was peaceful. Until I heard this motor start running, and then I woke up and realized I had a two ton kitty on my chest, who thought I was late waking up and getting him his morning treats. :)

Have a good day!


Summer said...

Every morning you should post the song that was playing in your head when you woke up. It would be so interesting! I used to have the music playing, but it left. Hmmm. I like your dream better than mine. I dreamed about a murder. It was creepy.

Mary said...

A wonderful dream and music, too. I'm glad your son came to help with the tree. It wouldn't have been the same without your tree and the memories that go with it. Hope you have a good day.

Oldy said...

LOL ..I thought that music playing in my head just meant I was insane.
I actually go around whistling "and the casons go rolling along"

WTF?? I don't even know that song ...hell i don't even know what a cason is.(or how to spell it)

I am constantly humming out loud to the stereo in my head. In public!

I'm I don't care.

Glad you will get your tree up. My spouse is at the point where I'm thinking he does not even want to put up our tree.

I am ready to drag the small outdoor tree in here and decorate the damn thing.

My aunts yorkie has to take doggie prozac. Some of it does take a week or so to work. just like on humans. So, maybe there is still hope:)

Hope you have a good day!

Golden To Silver Val said...

You know...almost when you least expect it, your kid or kids come through for you....and your heart swells with pride cause it shows just what they are made of and its good stuff! Bless him.
Yes I have music in my head all the time...some of it I have no idea where it came from. I wake up thinking or humming something. LOL, maybe it would be interesting to write it down everyday like Summer says!
Yep, it will take at least 10 days for the medicine to work. If no change by then, maybe you could try some "natural" stuff like St. John's wort...ask your vet and see. I know what you mean about the droopy tail....when I gave it to my shepherd...she just looked sooooo sad. I hated to do it but she was a mess with all the fireworks so it was the lesser of two evils. Have a great day...stay warm.

desert dirt diva said...

I'm so glad your son is there to help...My son is really good about that, too son's are speacil like that...what i'm dreading is my daughters growing up.. the teenage years.. girls seem to think the bigger they get the bigger there attidude has to be, or that was the experciece with my oldest daughter,(24)...have a great day!!!

I asked my husband almost, if we could get a tree this weekend and he started about the money thing..=asshole..

The Real Mother Hen said...

Haha you're funny :)
Every morning I wake up and have no idea where I am. I need a few seconds to take in my environment and realize, "ah, I'm so comfortably in bed"...
So far, non of my friends experience this.

ac said...

The Captain will start singing 'rollin rollin rollin' each time he has some sort of windfall. I think I have songs playing in my head when I wake up... I'm not sure. I'll tell you tomorrow.

Get back over there and tell me how to make peanut brittle before I burn my house down! HA!


yes, I got those damn songs in my head, but I always confuse my words..even up in my nogin...

Damn it crazydog...I wonder if acupuncture would work? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I mentioned that on Andrew's blog, that's why I'm lmfao to picture a wellness clinic sticking needles in Crazydogs important zen parts. :)

I hope things settle down.
Your OS reminds me of my middle one..always grumpy scroogie gus, but the one that always surprises me with his generous offerings..granted, he's 3..but still..
Crap, I'm rambling..I sound like our SOUL!! SOULLLLLLLLL!!!!!! WE mISSSSSSSS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrew said...

I would probably be taking the doggy Xanax to see if it worked! Hah! I'm dangerous like that when it comes to possible mind altering medications. lol I know. I know. Put me in a box and sit me in a corner. I need a timeout.

Portia said...

Cool dream. Poor CrazyDog. Sweet OS! I love hearing about your family, they all rock, even that crazy little dog:) I have music in my head sometimes, but not ALL the time. But I can hear it now...
rollin, rollin, rollin...raaawhide!

Hope you're having a Happy Humpday:)

Cheryl said...

I hardly ever have a song in my head. How interesting that you have a constant one. Yes, you should let us know every day.

Can you talk to the vet and let him know the xanax isn't working? Or just give it time?

I'm so glad you're going to get you tree up. I think it will brighten your spirits.

simonsays said...

SUmmer---I like my dream WAAY better than yours. Ugh.

And I think that is a great idea-we SHOULD keep tabs on the music in our heads in the morning!

Mary- You are right, it wouldn't be the same without the tree, I think it is needed for the memories and for the pictures, if nothing else!

LOLOL. I don't know what casons are either, and you make me laugh!

simonsays said...

Val, you are correct, occasionally your kids DO come through and make you proud. And then you think "Oh, so THIS is what it's like to know you raised your kids right..." Those moments come few and far between, but they are precious. :)

Diva--Alsmost Husband? Is that what you mean? And yes, they certianly can be the A word. :)

Mother Hen--you do crack me up!

simonsays said...

AC---no peanut brittle is worth burning down the whole place. Back away from the stove...

Crusty---Somehow, i CAN see CrazyDog and's just CRAZY enough...


Cheryl, It must be so quiet and peaceful in your head...I want a new one. Head, that is. Or one with a on/off switch. lol

CCC said...

you are breaking my heart w/ your *dreams*, girl. dreams of walking...

i've been having a few of my own. sigh.

i am so happy you are able to work from home. and that the x-mas tree is up. finally, eh??

i'm starting to think this doggy xanax is for the birds. maybe he is meant to be ..."energetic" lol

Gypsy said...

The only thing going on in my head at the moment are those nasty little know the kind that tell you to kill someone and you hope to hell the judge will believe that it wasn't your fault, the voices told me to do it....LMAO.

Poor crazy dog, I wonder what goes on in his little head. Maybe he is hearing VOICES too.

The fact that OS is normally a scrooge but is going to come help H with the tree says more than words ever could. You deserve his obvious love too.

JYankee said...

How sweet of OS! You should be lucky it's just songs in your head.. it could be worse...little voices.... LOL