Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dancing with the spaz's

So I woke up this morning with a really sore throat. Just peachy.I think that could be a problem, with major surgery coming up in four days. Damn. I will, once again, call the doctor today.

A major mall shooting in Omaha---good heavens---what in the world is happening to people? It is everywhere, and this one is pretty close to home. Right in the city of one of my best blogging buddies, Maria. You go Christmas shopping one afternoon, on a Wednesday, thinking this is a good day to go, the crowds won't be too bad, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you leave in tears, horrified, changed for life, because there was some whack job with a gun that wanted to go out in style. WTH?

No going in to my place of employment yesterday, although I had every intention of doing so. Getting up the stairs left H and I both out of breath, gee now, that's a pretty image, isn't' it? And then I had the Elvis leg going in both legs at once. BOTH LEGS. Usually it's just one leg or the other. Damn. Yes---I call it the Elvis sort of shakes out of control, just like Elvis' did back in the fifties. Then the other morning.....I had this little charleston move, right in my living room. My knees just sort of crossed each other and had there been the correct music, it would have been a move to be proud of!

Up to five inches of snow expected here today. Just swell. Wonderful. Awesome. Great. Peachy-fricking keen. I will have to be sure and put the chair into 4WD.

Today's song was "Chitty chitty bang bang". I don't know the words or even like it. But you all wanted to know what was playing when I woke up.

Have a good Thursday. Later.


Summer said...

LOL @ the song!

More snow for you???

Oldy said...

I'll trade you my "the brady bunch..the brady bunch "

for your chitty chitty bang

Gypsy said...

I love that you still have a sense of humour in spite of everything you are going through. You have such great spirit and you are an inspiration to me.

I'll trade my 37 degree Celsius heat for your 5 inches of snow. Get those chains on your wheels girl or you're gonna get stuck good and proper :)

Mary said...

Last evening I had a terrible sore throat but it's gone this morning. I hope yours goes away, too.

More snow. One good snow fall per winter is enough. In the past we have had snow here but not for several years. Global warming, you know.

I, too, admire your sense of humor while fighting a painful health problem. I'd probably be wailing at the top of my lungs. How long do they predict you'll be hospitalized after surgery?

abbagirl74 said...

Five inches? Stay warm and cozy.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand these people that make a point of going into a public place to kill other people. It's one thing to kill yourself, but taking strangers with them? I don't understand!

Yikes, a cold could complicate surgery, they might make you postphone.

Take Care

Josie Two Shoes said...

That's an amazing juke box you have in your head, we can't even begin to guess what the tune of the day will be! :-) I so admire you for finding the strength and courage to be humorous even in the face of big scary things. Would it work to scoot up those stairs sitting on your rear like little ones do? My Mom used to do that after her RA got very bad.

Portia said...

Chitty Chitty Bang bang always makes me think of the girl, Truly Scrumptious! I loved that name! i need to start using it.
You crack me up with your Charleston moves and 4WD chair:) I know you do it for your fans, but I do love your sense of humor.
I am still a bit dazed by today's horrid news. A friend of a friend works there and updated everyone that he was alive via text msg. hope your friend Maria is alright.
I hope that sore throat goes far, far away! Have a truly scrumptious day:)

Golden To Silver Val said...

A good old Listerine gargle should zap that sore throat for you. It did for me. Horrible thing about the mall shooting; this is just becoming too much of a regular thing anymore...malls, colleges, expressways. So many sick people out there. As for the song...I woke up to California Dreamin' going through my mind. But I had just, the night before, read an article in Vanity Fair about the Mamas and the Papas so I figured that triggered it.
Five inches of, no, no. (eat your heart out Amy Winehouse). Anyway....I don't want it...hope it misses me.
Sending prayers westward to you...sit up and breathe them in. Hugs.

SOUL: said...


did you see a doc about the throat?
did they do something to help? i sure hope so.

love the four wheel drive chair thing... hubby could make you a dually with holley carb/dual exhaust , and a back seat .. whaddayathink?

as for the music thing... if i give you a quarter-- could you change the song that hubby is so jollily sharing with us?


hope you are feeling better and wake to a really awesome song!

Andrew said...

I got a smile out of picturing you in mind putting that wheelchair into 4 wheel drive. I would be your co-pilot anyday wingman! I need a wheelchair for my brain! LOL Hope you are well and I've missed reading more today. Sleep tight and I will catch you in the morning. Me and you are often up at the same time and posting.

Jonathon Andrew

Cheryl said...

I love your humor in the midst of pain. It had me laughing and that's a good thing.

So, 4 days to go. One week from now it will be over and you'll have a few days of recuperation behind you. We will all be waiting anxiously to hear of your great progress. No more Elvis after that.

Maria said...

Ugh...yeah. We got lots of snow here in Nebraska. And more to come this weekend. I am not one of those who think it is pretty. I groan and complain and act like a baby.

The mall shooting was so awful. I haven't shopped in a mall in years, but could have been anywhere, you know? That is what gets to us the most, I think. It could have been anywhere....

Anonymous said...

the mall shooting is awful..and it really could be anywhere... the songs in your head... LOL..chitty chitty bang bang..yeah i only know one line too! hope the path is clear for your surgery...

desert dirt diva said...

now i will be chitty chity bang bang all night long......i gues its better than green acres... god i wish we would get some snow.. last year i swear it snowed all around me , 1 block down even but not in my friggin yard.. it snowed at my mom's house and it never ever snow's there ever.. she couldn't wait to call and let me now either....but then if i had to live in it every year this would proably be a hole new story..try zycam.. for your sore throat..i too woke up with a damn sore throat.