Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I went out and bought new air freshener plug in thingys a few months back. I think I have had to buy refills twice now. They have a dial on them that controls the amount of scent that comes out, and each of the four of them are turned on #1, the lowest. Every time the bottles have to be replaced, the smell in this house is so overwhelming to me, I want to throw up. But only for the first few days. After that, I love them....the smell of apples and cinnamon is wonderful and light. But right now....ugh.

I heard a cat barfing in the night, a SERIOUS amount of barfing from the sound of it, I got up and looked for the kitty and the mess, couldn't find either, I debated on calling H, who sleeps upstairs in the bedroom while I sleep down on the couch....I didn't want him to walk out of the bedroom and into the..well you know. But I can't get up those stairs without help and I didn't think it would be beneficial to call and wake him to warn him that there MIGHT be a surprise outside the door in the morning....although the neatfreak in me isn't crazy about unattended cat puke somewhere in my house.

And while we are on the subject, I am damned tired of sleeping on the couch, I sure as hell hope I can navigate those stairs soon, and I know that H will be happy if I could on many levels, one being that he is tired of sleeping alone. This house is so big and those stairs are so damned long, winding, and tall that it seems impossible that I will ever be running up and down them any time soon. But it really wasn't very long ago that I was.

I am working from home today, I can make much better progress here---no interruptions, and I don't have to wear my arms out with the chair, yesterday, by the time I got home, I couldn't hold my pen, my arms and hands were too tired. Yes, I know there are electric wheelchairs and scooters, but I have one week to go and I am waiting to see what I need after the surgery.

Political ads, political phone surveys, blech. I live in Iowa. Caucasus coming up. Bullshit, bullshit. I am, and always have been very political minded. I vote, I care, no matter what, and I always have a pretty good idea of what/who/when I want. This election? Complete three-ring circus. I have no clue who, what or especially why. I personally think all the choices are crap. I'm sorry if I step on toes with that statement, but what I'm seeing is pretty pathetic. Perhaps I have always been way to idealistic in the past, but this election, all I can see is politics. No real feelings from any of them, just a way to further their own, and I have a duty to figure it out. I still have time, but good heavens, it's already getting old.

Happy Tuesday!


Summer said...

It's Tuesday again. Are you able to get any sleep on that couch?

Anonymous said...

hm politics...difficult to follow from here..though i try.. politicians..all bred from the same cloth...LOL

Portia said...

A happy Tuesday to you too!
The whole political scene strikes me as a really bland version of Hollywood- it all comes down to money and there's no way to tell who's for real and who's not.
Looking for a pile of puke? Animals are good for that. At least you heard it and you're not following your nose around the house looking for it! Oh that's right, you can't smell anything over the fresh air fresheners LOL;)
One week! Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet? I hope it's a good day of work from home, and your arms get some rest along with the rest of you:)

Maria said...

Oh..I LOVE the snap and crackle of the caucuses. The more I read, though, the more confused I get. I mean, I KNOW I am a liberal democrat, but am I an Obama or Clinton democrat? Or maybe someone else? There are so many who are pretty close in everything. Hard to make a decision.

Some interesting Republicans (or as I call them: the dark side) in the race too. This could get interesting.

I'm really glad that you can work from home. And I bet H is pining for you. That must be hard on him too, yes?

Barrie said...

Hang in there. A week can go by quickly. ;)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Read somewhere that freshener is pretty bad for health... use with care.
Hhhmm... maybe I should send you some natural & organic chicken scent of mine :)
On a serious note, take care and I hope you have a speedy recovery!
Be back soon :)

Mary said...

Stairs aren't user friendly when you have back/leg pain. I hope the surgery will make everything easier for you.

Politics - another confusing subject - in fact one of the MOST confusing. My best friend's oldest daughter is an Iowa State Senator, Dawn Pettengill. (Not sure I spelled her last name correctly.) I've known Dawn since 1980 when she was a single working mom going to school at night. Dawn spent most of September here helping take care of her mother (my best friend) who had a malignant kidney removed. I don't know anything about Dawn's politics but she certainly is a devoted daughter.

Sorry I'm running on. I'm not promoting Dawn's political career. It just came to mind when I read your blog about Iowa politics.

Golden To Silver Val said...

No real feelings from any of them, just a way to further their own,.......no truer words were ever spoken as far as I'm concerned. Seems like its been that way for quite some time now. I hate it when you hear an animal barfing ... its even worse when you can't find it cause down deep you KNOW why...yep, they ate it again. Sigh.


KUDOS!! You are right on the politicial riffraff!!

Did you ever find out where the hairballvomit went?
OR did the kitty lick it back up?
Ewwwwwwwwwww.. :)



I LOVE apples and cinnamon, but I'm with you..the smell is soo overpowering at first..
are they air wick or glade?
Good idea on turning down to 1..I go through those so often..the glade plug ins..but I LOVE THEM!!

If you call the company and rave about how much you love their product, perhaps they'll send you a coupon voucher for more..those air scents get $$$$