Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree....

This is the day that my Christmas tree will go up. All my kids are supposed to be here to help with it, and I am excited by that, but even if they are not, that tree is going up, one way or another. I have been a good little girl, I have done all the things that the Dr has said to do and I still feel like a 60 ton train has run right over my ass, then backed up and did it again. Today, I am going to do what I want. Either way, I am going to feel like hell.

There is snow outside---it looks like enough to reach my ass. And let me tell you, my ass is a long way off the ground. I suppose that is a bit of a stretch (pun intended) but since I have been out and about, we have had a massive ice storm, the majority of which is still hanging from the trees, and several inches of snow at various times. This winter thing is really beginning to piss me off. And no, I am not self centered enough to believe that it has been literally aimed at me, but give us ALL a break....

I want real food. That has been cooked by someone I know - not a paid restaurant. Even then, they cannot get it right. I am tired of eating garbage---I live in a small town, and if it isn't fried, then it isn't on the menu. Ack ...Or pizza. I don't even LIKE pizza. I am not a fried person, I am not a cheesy person, I am not a sandwich person, I am not a potato person. And I have finally had ENOUGH of the deli chickens. Much to CrazyDog and the kitty's dismay. In the past couple of month's, H must have bought 50 of the damned things. And I cannot even look at another one. Plus, I am having a tough time swallowing dry food---and canned soup gets old quick. I have got to get up and start cooking, otherwise I am going to starve. I cannot take any more rotten food.

I slept upright last night, with TWO kittys on my lap. No furnace needed here. They like it when I sleep sitting up.... :)

Have a really good Sunday.


Gypsy said...

Well when that tree goes up I hope you are going to post a pic. I usually decorate the whole house with tinsel and such but not this year. Straight after Xmas we are going to be painting most of the house to give it a bit of a lift. It's looking old and tired, a lot like me Pity a lick of paint couldn't give me a new lease of life. The heat is killing me I tell ya so that snow and cold sounds very good to me.

Oldy said...

Oh I pity you and everyone else who lives in "snow country" I remember it well. I felt like crying every time I had to go out the front door. lol

Hope your tree goes up without a hitch! I nearly went crazy waiting for mine to go up.:)

Hope you get some real food and less pain SOON. :)

Have a (as good as can be) Sunday.

abbagirl74 said...

Wish I could cook you a hot meal. I know there are several of us who would. Today is going to be a great day. Your Christmas tree is going up!! Hooray!

SOUL: said...

man , i hear ya on the to go food dilemma ... i think i may have cooked maybe one or two meals since the beginning of november. THAT is a LOT of money-- for A LOT of shitty food. food that i quite often lose my taste for as soon as i smell, or taste it.,
and yep-- 99 percent of the time--- it is chicken or pizza... neither are my favorite food. but i spose whatever works at the time eh?

i am so very happy to hear that you will see your kids and get that tree up. i hope you find the strength, and lack of pain that will allow you to help. it will be sooo good for your frame of mind. it will be good for ALL of you. it will be just GOOD. lemmee know how it goes. k?

got rum balls???
you know... i can't have any.
"no rum balls for soul"
:)) ---->---<

have a GREAT sunday my friend!!!
drug up, but insane gifts online, take a nap-- and for Gods sake--- make someone COOK something delicious for you!
i know the deprivation of good home cookin.
why can't you live closer? like 100 miles or so? noooo, you gotta live in Iowa. i could do so much for you if i could drive over there... but well, you know-- little strapped down around here for now.

anyhow--- i shall ttyl
hope you have a happy day.
happy happy joy joy!


Summer said...

You sound so annoyed this morning. Maybe that's a good thing, getting all riled up gets the adrenaline and endorphines going. Quicker healing. Ha!

I hope you have a wonderful day with your kids and I hope someone cooks for you!


HAVE FUN TODAY WITH YOUR FAMILY!!! be careful and not over do it..course, who am I to say that..I never do it myself.

Pen and the Sword said...

I hope everything goes swimmingly for you over the holidays, hon... if anyone were to deserve the perfect Christmas it is you. Thinking of you.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Well, today I have ham leftovers with baked beans and au gratin potatoes. Tomorrow I am making a chuck roast with mashed taters, gravy and carrots and tossed salad. I think I can stuff some of this in the cable cord and send it to you. LOL....wouldn't that be great? I hear ya on the fast food or already cooked food. It just doesn't taste the same...unless you're talking about a Porterhouse steak with baked that's a meal I enjoy anywhere!
Yeah the snow is gettin' higher and higher here and now we have northeasterly winds on top of it. Brrrrrr. I am only 4'11, so it doesn't take much for the snow to be up to my arse. LOLOLOLOL
Have a good day....being with family should make it a GREAT day. Blessings ~ Val

Portia said...

I hope you get some of that real food and you and the family have a great time doing the tree. Stay warm!

Cheryl said...

Yes, I wish I could cook for you. And put up your tree. Promise you won't do too much. Surgery takes so much out of you. You need a lot of time to heal.

I wish I had some snow to look at. We had it in the forecast, but they were wrong!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Yeah I wish I could cook for you too.
And hopefully you got the tree up.
And stay warm.

simonsays said...

Gypsy, I would give you the cold here, and ALL the snow. You would probably have to share the snow with Andrew, but I'll bet you wouldnt mind. :)

Oldy-My tree is up, and yours too! It's time for a party!

abbagirl--yes, please cook for me, today!

soul--I am not a big rum ball fan, are you? How about you cook dinner for me, instead? I'll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today...

simonsays said...

summer---I DO sound kind of bitchy, don't I? I didn't realize it, until you said something. I guess you may be right...although a bitchy mom is NOT a good way to spend a Sunday with the family...

Crusty, it's easy for us to give that kind of advice to others, isn't it? I do the same thing, but when it comes to taking our own advice, I'm not so good at it. :)

Pen---THERE YOU ARE! How are you?

Val--Yes, Please send all the leftovers to me. Want my address?

Portia, It was a good Sunday, and I did stay warm..not that the weather is helping any. How was your weekend?

Cheryl--Don't you live North of Me? And you don't have snow? I will send you as much as you want..

Oh hen...are you a good cook? At this point, it doesn't even

SOUL: said...

i would ya know... and when i want to--- i can cook some damn fine foooooood. i just havent wanted to lately.

so here's the deal... you take it easy and get better... and when things get back to normal--- whatever that is--- i will cook you one of my specialties--- ok two--ok three...

coconut shrimp,
shrimp scampy,
and tilapia--- somethin or other--i forgot the name--and the recipe actually--- but i have winged it before and it is yummy.


damn that made me hungry--and i still have heartburn from last night. hmmm.

and nope-- i don't think i have actually ever eaten a rum ball---

i just like to say it!