Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stoned Shopping?

Happy Saturday to you all---I don't have too much to say life remains the same. I am pretty disgusted with myself, the pain is not getting any better and I am still depending on the pills pretty heavily to make it through the days. I have never been a pain weenie, and this time, it seems that I am. I look in the mirror and cannot escape, my face looks like that of a downs syndrome child, still pretty swollen, my neck of course is too, and the incision looks pretty mean. Last night, I layed down with the neck brace on and slept, I think in spite of it all, I was so exhausted, and I managed about four hours. That's the most since I've had this damned procedure done. Each day, swallowing seems to get harder to do, not easier, but I was told the swelling would last for quite a while, so I assume that it is normal, too. The one thing I find sort of freaky is my eyesight---I no longer need my glasses to see the computer, and you all need to know that I have been nearly blind for a few years. I cannot see the TV at all, with or without them, and that was not that way before, either. I do still need them to read, but I don't think I am seeing double anymore, and that was supposed to go away with this surgery, but I am not really sure of that one yet.

I got the most beautiful flowers yesterday, from my little sis. It was so nice of her to think of me. I was very surprised. My kiddos got me flowers at the hospital, too.

I have to spend some time on the computer today, doing some shopping. I will take a couple of pain pills and try and finish. Look out family--you never know what may be in your Christmas stockings, under the circumstances...teehee

I hope each of you have a great weekend. I just learned that we are to get more snow, and H told me that we are well on our way to that goal---apparently we already have at least half of the eight inches predicted. Just lovely. Have a good day! Later.


Gypsy said...

Isn't that incredible about your eye sight? The body is a complicated machine. My daughter had an achilles heel problem once so I took her to a Physio who also dabbles in "reiki" though won't admit to it. He worked on her bladder area as he said her heel problem came from having a slight twist in her bladder. He gently maneouvred it a bit, she stood up and BINGO.....pain gone in her heel. I freaked me out too.

I know you must be frustrated being in pain for so long but your body has been through a big procedure and it will probably take quite a while to recover from that. You can walk AND see!!! The miracles just keep coming :)

Summer said...

Hey sweetie. Hang in there. You must be feeling a little better if you're frustrated that it's not happening fast enough. Right? Ha!

No snow angels today.


it's okay to still have pain...and eventually that will turn to phantom twinging when you're not thinking about it..give it more kind to your sweet self and rest up. With all of the snow we're getting again, it's a perfect opportunity for you to just see candy canes dancing in your medicated head. Dream of 9months from now, and the smells of GK#1, the cooing of HER...and just breathe with relief that you don't have surgery to dread cause now it's over and you're one step closer to feeling better.

That's wonderful for your eyes!!!
Have a safe, peaceful, and stoned weekend. :)

{{{hugs to you!}}}
Bet you're glad you don't have morning sickness, right? :)

abbagirl74 said...

More snow! My goodness. We have missed both storms barely. Have fun shopping online. And have a wonderful day!

Golden To Silver Val said...

You've been through invasive surgery and it will take a while for you to start to feel all this pain is very normal. I'm sure it will start to subside soon.
In the meantime...lets try to make lemonade with these lemons you've been served. (love old Tammy Faye). You still have time to get presents online or through QVC and receive them. A lot of places guarantee delivery by settle in and do some shoppin'.
And kid...don't feel bad about taking pain pills...its only for a while and they are meant to help indulge. When I had knee surgery he had me on some massive doses for a couple weeks.
Big careful hugs to you.
..Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

hang in there yeah...healing takes time..but if its not done properly..then you'll have to deal with that later.. patience..patience....

Beth said...

aww jamie...I feel for you. Pain is a bitch. I live with pain every day, although it might not be to the extent that you have...but it DOES affect your whole day/life. hang in there girlfriend

SOUL: said...

hi there...
sorry i'm so late gettin around here today. my computer is acting up again. i think i know what santa is bringin. hmmm.

anyhow... did you get your shoppin done online? were you stoned? did you have fun? there's some really crazy shit online to buy isn't there?

as for the rest of this post--- i agree... i think you are coming along at a normal---or better pace than expected. just be slow and safe with yourself, and ask the asshat---i mean dr --- anything you are worried about.
maybe a stronger or different type of pain med may help. never know.

just rest. and don't try to hurry back to work. one day at a time...k?


Maria said...

The body is just plain strange. I mean, who would have figured?


SOUL: said...

just checkin in on ya, hope everything is ok.
where are yewwwwww?
c ya latah.

Cheryl said...

Like you, when I had my surgery last year, the pain got worse instead of better. I cried a lot. Then the tide turned and I got better. That's what's going to happen to you too. Just wait and you'll see.