Thursday, November 01, 2007

Annie, Dreamboat Annie

I am not sorry to see October go, although it does seem that my life is passing me by and I am not present for most of it.

Happy November! The month of Thanksgiving, and the pre-Christmas rush. Holy crap! I can't even begin the think about that. I have survived the past few weeks, a surprise to me, if no one else, and I have accomplished more than humanly possible at work. Even for a person with working legs. Today is the last of the "unusual" tasks, then it's back to work as usual, and since it is the first of the month, it all starts over. But that's okay, the weight of the world if off my back. Now I just have the weight of a few small countries...teehee. That, I can deal with.

All things are rolling, friends, work, the menagerie here at home, all things are good. I say that in a whisper, as I have learned that if spoken too loudly, then all things tend to blow up. So, that part is a secret. Shhhh.....

I must, once again, thank all my blog friends for hanging with me, through all my whining, and crying, and complaining.....that has become my life. While the pain and medical problems have NOT in the least let up, I am going to try and focus on other things, if not for you all, then for me. It gets old for my readers, it gets old for me. My life is what it is. My body is what it is. So much of it doesn't work, but alot of it does. Thank God for that. I have good doctors, I have good medications. I have a husband that is unreal. I have a job that I can do what I need to do and then I can leave. Who can say that? I know that I am blessed with so much. I can say attitude adjustment. Now I have to live it. And with that, I am out. Have a really, really good Thursday!


Anonymous said...

hey you do not whine too much.. you should be whining MORE..if i say so myself... if it were me, crap..i'd be yelling it across the grand canyon... LOL here's to a better November eh?

Josie Two Shoes said...

Happy November to you too, Jamie! I know we both are more than glad to see October gone. I'm not ready to think about the holidays yet either, so we'll focus on things one day and one week at a time. While it does NOT get old to read about the medical struggles you share with us - because we care and we want to know how you are doing, I applaud your determination to try to focus on what you do have going for you. I hope and pray that the doctor is able to help get rid of some of that pain for you. It's truly amazing that you've been able to get so much work done, and that just proves how determined you are to not give up on life. I love you for it... you are my inspiriation!

Portia said...

A new month! I'm glad the rush is over for you. I hope November starts off right, and brings good things your way:)
I agree entirely with Josie in that I want to know how you are doing, but am inspired by your ability to still count your blessings.
I hope the day is going good:)

Gypsy said...

Most people in as much terrible pain as you have endured would have taken to their bed so if you want to whine and complain, I say you have every right. I think you have been a tower of strength and have appreciated you keeping us informed and even visiting all your friends in blogland. Bitch as much as you want or need to....I aint going anywhere. :)

Maria said...

October kind of sucked this year, didn't it? Here is hoping that by next year...all is so much better for you.

SOUL: said...

can i just jump on the band wagon here ?
i agree. i haven't once had that cringy feeling---or thought, that you were EVER whining. if what you have to say was something i didn't care about or want to read, it would be easy to just not come over.
so, on that note... i am gonna leave now...
but not without leaving my mark-
OX :))

Cheryl said...

I'm sad that time is flying by so quickly. Before I know it I'll have another birthday and I am so not ready for that. Every time I turn around it's Friday again. But it's November, and things will be moving even more quickly then usual. I hope this month is better than the last for you. And, when you live with pain it's hard not to talk about it. And this blog is to talk about you. We're not tired...we're with you on this. Just be you.

SOUL: said...

that that reba, or anne murray????
or either..
either, neither

we had "can i have this dance" played at our wedding.


Summer said...

It's your blog
And you can whine if you want too
Whine if you want too...

I don't feel as though you are whining. You want whining? Come over to my place.

I hope you have a good Friday.

Amanda said...

You're my hero Jamie!


you don't seem're just expressive..and we all need to express ourselves, right?

YEA NEW MONTH!! OH MY GOSH how cold is it going to get now?? Brrrr.

CCC said...

you don't whine any more than the rest of us! i totally understand, girl!