Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The really...The Blues

If ONLY I could play the blues guitar or the harmonica or something.....

I've got the middle of the week, braindead blues....

from the top of my head down to my squeaky shoes.

My head is full of numbers and I'm hoping how they've been used

is they way the IRS is wantin' me to.

I've got all the tax forms out of my way.

I'm down to the finance and bullshit and pay,

And who cares about the accuracy of the inventory, anyway?

I've got the middle of the week braindead blues...

From the top of my head down to my squeaky shoes.

my head is full of numbers and I'm hoping how they've been used

is the way that GMAC is wanting me to.

My back and my legs are the source of all my pain

there's a wheelchair in my office just looking at me and sayin'

"just use me now and stop the stupid pride"

but I'd rather do the Conway than give up and ride.

One more day of work hell, then maybe I can breathe-

and get back to my blog friends and my life of a little more ease.

but we all know that's a joke, it's only a tease.

I've got the middle of the week braindead blues....

from the top of my head down to my squeaky shoes.

My head is full of numbers and I'm hopin how they've been used

is the way the IRS is wantin' me to.



SOUL: said...

great songs are born from struggle, you know that.
this is good...i hope you are printing all your poems, haikus, and songs; so that you will have them to look back on someday.

i see patterns when i look thru mine.
(something else i meant to do when you were here--show you some---but FORGOT...can we say "senile"?)

i am lovin the squeeky shoe. too funny.

i do hope you have a fantastic day! (see, i'm trying my hardest to avoid "great"..but it's hard"... i never realized how often i say great, til this past week. grrrr.)

oh well...
i shall talk with you latah.

SOUL: said...

cheerios and donut holes

Anonymous said...

cool jamie...that was GREAT!

Amanda said...

I hereby dub thee:

Jamie Lime Lincoln :)

Gypsy said...

First a poem, now a song... where do you get your creative juices from?

SOUL: said...

hey gypsy----
i think it's called michelob!

i'm just kiddin

really--- it was your fishin fairy that made it all happen!

btw...can i steal him?

sorry jamie.. cross talk isn't always good in someone elses box...but sometimes it can be entertaining.

ya think?

you know you want another look at the fishin fairy super chicken... and what better place for him to live than my collection of faieies?

ok... back to biness here
i shall return

SOUL: said...

shit.. that would be
collection of

Josie Two Shoes said...

Awww Jamie - this was delightful!! To find a way to add a bit of humor to a miserable situation - priceless! I know there's a glimmer of hope glowing inside you somewhere, or you could never do this. It made me start my day out with a silly smile too. I can almost hear the tune it goes with! Hang in there kid, this month is coming to an end - FINALLY!!!


yeah, what SOUL SAYS!! She's awesome, isn't she? She really helps keep me motivated and in fun laughter too!

Portia said...

damn you're good! i love the song itself, not that you have the blues. who cares if you can play a harmonica if you can sling out something like that:D i love to see your creative side, but i (and i'm pretty sure i could say WE) never mind when you vent either. we all need to and i am so glad that you share it all with us. i hope the rest of the week goes by fast for you:)

CCC said...

cutie pie!! happy halloween!

Anonymous said...

So now, if you convert those numbers into sheep you'll have the "Bedtime Blues", hee,hee,hee.

Yeah, that was really lame, huh?

At any rate, I hope your getting plenty of rest so these numbers don't stress you out and make you sick!


now all you have to do is tell us what song you were humming along to, or rather tune while you wrote this fine diddle.. :)

Cheryl said...

Love your creativity! Especially in the midst of all the work you're doing. Sounds like you're almost there. Yes!