Friday, October 26, 2007

Only on days that end in Y

I am stronger this morning, temporary---I'm sure, but I will take it. I knew I would be, after a day of resting and sleeping. My appointment with the surgeon has been moved up to Monday. My neurologist' nurse told me to take is easy until then, I told her I would do my best to do that at work. I did have a talk with Owner on the phone and he explained that he has trouble looking at me in my current condition, I do understand that, even though I know you all will have negative things to say about that, and I am not defending him in any way, but it really is a relief to him when I am not there, he cannot deal with me in my current condition. Some people can't handle the ugliness of illness, and me not being able to walk really is pretty ugly. He wouldn't have told me that, but I made him. It is that helpless feeling that everyone around me is feeling, and some can't handle it at all, so they act mad. My own daughter handles it about the same way. So, at least I understand a little.

So today, I will work, at least the best I can. This is the worst possible month out of the whole year that this could happen to me, work wise. Well---other than January, I suppose. But anyway, one way or another, I will get it all finished. GMAC writes all the paper on our vehicles, (that means they have the floor plan---the loans) and every October, they have to have the contract renewed on the business and on the Owner, and that takes an enormous amount of time and paperwork, and they go through my numbers with a magnifying glass. My deadlines on EVERYTHING is the 31st, and they honestly could care less whether I die, they just want their numbers. You all know how business is. And I really do appreciate that you think there is someone else that should/could be able to help me, but honestly----there is not. We are a very small business...I do all the tax work, and I have all that to contend with, the end of the quarter reports, along with the other things, and by the time I explain to an outside party HOW to do it, I could do it. But I will manage to get it finished. What does surprise me is how much pain takes away my ability to think straight. I have quit taking pain medication at work, for this very reason, and still sometimes getting one thought from here to there can be quite a process. I have quit trying to over see other things on the job, such as what's going on in the back, but that does lead to other issues, and really, now the inmates are running the asylum once again...and yes, I know owner should handle things, but the employees do no go running to him and that is not their fault, they have learned over the years not to, so things are just running amuck. Isn't that the greatest, most descriptive word? Although I am not sure that things can run amuck, maybe only people can do that, but if that is the case, rest assured that is happening as well. :)

I hope each of you have great, great Fridays. I want to thank you all, once again for lifting my sad, sad spirits when I have needed you to. You are all the best. Later.


SOUL: said...

LOOK jamie---i'm first today!!
woo hoo
gotta throw this one up real quick, then i'lll come back and finish---before someone steals my place in line.

Amanda said...

My heart goes out to you Jamie. An accounting deadline is a horror even in the best of circumstances, and I know that lonely feeling of being the only person who can do it.

Possibly the only good thing about a deadline is, it does end eventually, and maybe you can get a breather then.

Am I glad to hear that appointment has been moved up for you!

Anonymous said...

shit soul was first... yeah and i think that because there IS no one else...owner shouldnt feel so free to let you go..and should be so unnerved about you in your's not like it just came up yesterday... this pain and stuff has been going on a long time.. boy if i were there..i'd give him an earful... you better not let me escape..i just might... glad you're a bit more mobile today.. even if it is temporary.. guess we have to take what we can get.. later...

SOUL: said...

haha.. still first! well, 2nd too .. even betttah!

know what came to mind yesterday--- among about , well, a LOT of other things?

well, first, remember the bad ass furby pic?

then second, the B- with a cig in her face pic?

and third... the sleep blogging pic?

well, what do ya get when you add #2 with # 3????

you get number ONE
= bad-ass soul-tahd (only vertical)

bwa hahahahaha

i am THRILLED to hear your appointment is gonna be so soon. anxious to hear what they say. and praying hard that they can some way, that you can deal with.

anyhow... glad you got some much needed rest yesterday! and i hope you have a really good day today!!!!

bwa hahahaha

SOUL: said...

aha .. see? i knew what i was doin when i jumped in there...LOL amanda!
UGH..and YANKEE TOO? oh you guys... i think you TRY to beat me here now. :))
hope you all three have a great day!


SOul rocks! :)

deadlines are shitty ass.

But the weekend is here! I hope you are feeling better!


SOUL: said...

oh btw jamie...
watch out for she will be an EXPLODING meatball!

SOUL: said...

crap jamie
they're aftah me lucky charms!!!

abbagirl74 said...

Keep your chin up.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Well that's just lovely, Jamie. It bothers your boss to see you at work, but yet you must drag your hurting body in there and get all his paperwork done by Oct. 31st. I understand your sense of loyalty, and the fact that no one else is trained to do it. I am so glad you were able to get the appointment moved to Monday, hopefully get some answers you can live with. I am praying for you all the time. (((Hugs)))

Portia said...

For once, I am looking forward to a Monday! I hope you have a good, restful weekend.

SOUL: said...

this is me holdin my mouth open .. showin you some really icky chewed up m&m's sittin on my tongue !!!

bwa hahahaha

made ya laugh

even if it is sick!


Hey Soul I Spit out my sugar cookies when I read what you said about chewed up m&m's...I totally forgot what I was going to say to this lady here...Goshisszz. :)

Hope you're doing better Jamie!

Maria said...

You know..really, Jamie, your boss deserves a swift kick in the ass.

It reminds me of Bing's sister...she called me up and wanted to gossip about something or other. I had a coughing fit. She says, "It is really hard to talk to you when you keep having coughing fits..."

Tell your boss what I told her, "Then don't bother me and let me get on with my life, please."

Fingers crossed that the neuro finds some help for you.

Beth said...

ah Jamie....can October BE any more hectic for you? Get better soon, girlfriend.......

Cheryl said...

I'm really glad I've gotten to know you, Jamie. If I could do anything to make you feel better, I would. I can't wait till this month is over for you, till your work is done and you get to your docs. You'll be in my thoughts. Rest and relax this weekend.

SOUL: said...

look jamie.. when you don't talk to me in here...crusty and yankee do.
wussup girlie?
how ya feelin ?
wonder how jamie is. cuz nobody will know until about 4 a.m. tomorrow...hmmm.

Summer said...

I wonder how you're feeling tonight. I hope at least that you are resting and pain free.

simonsays said...

Thanks to all my commentors---it seems I have exploding meatballs today, and chewed up m&m's, well who could ask for more? You all crack me up!

I had a good day yesterday, I managed to work all day long, and I got a lot accomplished! I wanted so badly to go out, but there was no way....I was asleep on the couch before seven pm, oh such excitment to my life...

I so very much appreciate all of you, and i will make it over to your pages very soon!

SOUL: said...

good mornin jamie!
i came ovah to see a new post---but instead i found you here...
want some m&m's??
some not ABC ones???
i am out of the peanut butter ones but i have regular ones.

i even have some meatballs... how long do ya think it takes to make one explode in the microwave?
want me to find out?
will you come clean it up if i do it???

i wish you were still here... one day just was not enough. dammit.

have a grand day. and rest as much as possible. i know ya gotta work, but take it easy. k?

i will return. to harrass you later... but--- seems the sun is on the rise. i'm debating tho. i am feeling rather slug-like right now.


ok... i'll go blog in my own box.