Saturday, October 27, 2007

Elvis has left the building

A cool fall weekend, I suppose it is time for that, although I dread the winter, and it is coming fast. It is only weeks before the Holiday season is here...I feel like I have not been present for this entire year. Where has it gone?

I am off to work for at least a few hours today, progress is being made, and if nothing else that does make me feel better, mentally. Physically, not so much, but I'll take what I can get.

I am excited because H has promised that while I am at the job slaving away, he will clean this dirty house. Am I lucky or what? It is so, so bad....I never let it get this way....but I have had little choice and it is so hard for me to sit by and just let it go. I know you all tell me that it is unimportant, and really on a scale of what it important, it isn't. But an out of control house breeds an out of control life, at least for me. I cannot rest when things are not "put to rights" as my grandma used to say. And when you can walk, it is so simple to keep it that way. But oh, when you can't....

I am stooped over this morning, like an 80 year old woman, hopefully a temporary issue. When D asked this am how I was doing, I informed of that fact. Her answer? "at least you aren't farting like one..." And on that note....I'm out.


SOUL: said...

hey chicken head...
or would that be chicken butt? :))
made ya smile.
too bad it's not an original line. damn. usually i am original. well, unless somebody shares my brain, like some people i know. :))

so. i am happy to hear that you will have a short work day--- and happy to hear that H will clean up the house.
you know i know how it feels to watch the place fall what seems like seconds. overwhelming.
sad thing on my part.. i can at least walk. i just don't know why things get the way they do. well, i sorta do. but oh well.

so anyhow.. yes i agree... you certainly don't want to walk around , farting like an 80 year old woman.
WHY do old people fart so much??? just askin?

ok then...
have a great day.. AND can do this. :))

SOUL: said...

haha i was first!!

yes. yes. i AM childish. and i like it like that!

evalinn said...

Hope your day turns out good anyway!

abbagirl74 said...

H is such a sweetie! Take it easy today. Have a wonderful weekend.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Leave it to a daughter to add a bit of humor to the day, her comment cracked me up! :-)

I so know about how having a messy house affects our outlook on everything. I haven't felt like doing anything this week, so my place is chaotic, the living room is full of boxes I brought home from my Dad, the dishes need washing, and I can't even see the top of my computer desk! I've gotta find the energy to get on it today, 'cuz it's making me crazy. When H gets done with your house, can you send him this way? :-) I think he's a sweetie for pitching in to help, and surely he is aware of how badly you need a little backup at the moment. Does D help?

I'm glad you were able to accomplish some at work yesterday, getting any kind of handle on it means less stress, and stress is the last thing you need at the moment. I'll be praying you all the way thru that goulish Oct. 31st deadline!

Yes, where has this year gone? I don't even want to think about Christmas coming up, but I must - I've a Christmas luncheon to plan for staff at work. Oh joy. But somehow we'll both make it, 'cuz we have to, that's why! :-)

Pen and the Sword said...

Glad you are getting some help with the housework. I am kind of saddened to hear that no one offered to do it from the get go? Oh well, at least it is getting done now, right? I hope you feel better. Have a great weekend.

SOUL: said...

i thought elvis was dead...have you seen him???
i heard he was an alien. any truth to that?
i gotta go look at couches.
have a good night, enjoyy the clean house---wish mine was clean
but it is not

Maria said...

I'm like you...if my house is a mess, so is my life.

Maybe you could have a cleaning company come in and do a one time cleaning? Do you have a birthday coming up?

Amanda said...


This year has definitely gone by fast. I hope you're having a good weekend despite of it all.

SOUL: said...

hey i'm polishin up my ebonics over in soulland. just so ya know. :))
hope you have a great night.
somehow, i think you just might.

Portia said...

i love how you can be perfectly frank about what you're going through and still manage to make me laugh every time:) i hope the weekend is going alright, all things considered, and you are basking in the effect of a nice clean house.

Cheryl said...'s a good thing.

I'm glad you got some of your work done today. You said you have to do it, no matter how you feel. Good for your hubby, cleaning up. It's the right thing to do and will make you feel better.

Tomorrow it will be in the high 50's, low 60's, and windy. It will be our coolest day yet. Brrr.

Anonymous said...

D's comment made me laugh! That is indeed true..this year is going by too quickly and H is a sweetie to clean your house!

SOUL: said...

where might the chicken god of all blogging kind" be this morning???

the search party is forming.

Summer said...

Having a clean and orderly house makes most of us feel better. Mine is getting out of control too and there's not much I can do about it right now.


"at least you're not farting like one.." now that is funny!!
Feel better! how awesome for H to do the cleaning...makes it a nice return home, doesn't it? One less task to think of helps ease things.

CCC said...

Go H! Go H! :::handing over the feather duster and vacuum:::