Monday, February 05, 2007

When I'm good, I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm BETTER

Monday again. Damn, time just keeps flying by, and I feel like I am missing all of it. Everything. I know, I know, nothing like starting off a perfectly good blog post with a "what the hell is she talking about?". Anyway...

The colts won, as everyone on this planet is now aware. It was an okay game, at a couple of points, it provided a little excitement. That is always a good thing. I felt bad for the bears, but I always feel bad for any losers, but damn, the didn't even play. I mean they put forth effort, they made a couple of spectacular moves, but there was no organization, no planning, just random everyone-for-themselves type playing. Too bad. I like the bears. I really have no love for the Colts, other than their coach, and I have ton or respect for him. Next Saturday, is the Bud Shootout, and then the following Sunday---the Daytona 500. Bring it on!

The power went out for more than an hour yesterday afternoon, holy shit-it gets QUIET in here with no power. And fucking cold, too. Apparently a transformer blew, we heard it, and quite loudly. No wonder, the fucking furnace is running non-stop, I HATE living in a closed in space, where I cannot get fresh air, I want to open the windows so bad, I HATE winter, have I mentioned that before?

Owner should be back today, haven't seen him in nearly two weeks, it has gone fast, I must say. I always miss him when he's gone, but he creates such mass confusion, constant upheaval, total PANDELERIUM, that it's necessary to take a big, deep breath to go back into it. When he is gone, I can get the whole place on a pretty even keel, all things run pretty smoothly, and all of that goes straight to hell within five minutes once he arrives. It's like being the babysitter, and then the PARENTS come home. Frustrating, to say the least. But I have missed him. We have been quite busy, and sold quite a few. More than generally goes on when he leaves for Florida in the winter. I have hardly talked to him, although I did get a few emails. He apparently doesn't worry abut the place, although I would really be insulted if he did.

I feel sad and blue inside today, and I don't know if that's the status quo, or if I am needing a replacement for the miracle pills. I have got to visit my mother this week, and I am supposed to go to the new place that D lives on Friday, and I am supposed to see the eye dr again the end of the week, although that is a huge waste of time, I have issues with my vision, that isn't going to be any different now than it was three weeks ago, anyway-I see the cpa for both business on Wednesday, i have tons to get done for that appointment, and all kids are bugging me to get their taxes done, OS is coming by tonight to start his, and on and on and on and on. S's husband called H and asked for a letter of reference from us regarding their rent, and that they paid on time, etc, and I think that's funny because they never once did, he told him he would write one, so whatever, he can write it, although i do hope he waits to see if they pay for the current month, it was due on the first, but they never pay it before the eighth to the tenth, I guess I will end the run on paragraph from hell and get my day going. Later.

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