Sunday, February 04, 2007

Everybody's talking at me...I can't hear a word they're sayin'

The big game Sunday ----Go Bears! I don't really know why, other than they are the underdog-and I always hope for the underdog. I used to love football, still do really, but in the past few years, racing has gotten in the way. By the time the nascar season ends in November, football is in full swing, and I haven't kept up. Denver was always my team, back in the Elway days, oh how i loved Elway. When they finally won the bowl in 98 (?) it was 98 wasn't it-oh what a sweet victory that was. I really love most sports, except for baseball, and that is like watching paint dry. In any event, GO BEARS! We will watch the game here by ourselves, I plan to celebrate by tipping a few brown bottles. What the hell. I went to the superbowl in 2003 - to San Diego, Tampa Bay and Oakland, it was a Tampa Bay blowout, and I learned that watching football is way better on tv, I couldn't believe that all activity stopped on the field for commercials. Not that I know what they should be doing during the commercials - but it was a really great time, I won the trip, all expenses, by entering contest online. We hung out with some players, did alot of sightseeing, good times.

OS just came in to do his laundry, that would suck so bad, carrying all your dirty clothes out of the house in this frickin' cold, and then hauling it all back in. But I am glad he does do it here, or I would never get to see him, or not much anyway. Things are quiet here, H and I need to talk some things over, and I am too fucking tired to go into all of it. Another day. D is turning 30 minus three this week, her phrase-not mine, how can that be? I am only thirty minus three. Or at least that is the way it should be. I guess I will get on with my day----Later.

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