Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Feelin pretty crappy on a Tuesday morning, but at least I can see today. I spent the whole day yesterday trying to get my eyes to work, and i finally gave up. When that happens, I am not really blind, but I can't see things right. Correctly. Everything's off. I know that makes no sense, but it is becoming a problem. Owner was back as expected, and I got to come home at five-thirty, instead of waiting until eight. I came in, ate dinner, and died on the couch. Such an exciting life. Yesterday ended up being used for personal taxes, Owner's GF and another employee at the garage. I figured I didn't need to see for that, you know? I already know that I don't want to do my own, we always end up owing at least a couple of grand. Swell. Most of it stems from the rental house, at least with the current situation, I can get rid of that problem after this year. But what a way to do it. I am still sad about that whole mess. Not much of interest to tell y'all this morning, except that tomorrow is D's BIRTHDAY. I wish she was going to be around here, I am supposed to go see her on Friday, but I would rather see her on the day. She is supposed to be going somewhere between now and then, but i haven't heard the details yet. I am already running late this morning, I woke up later than usual, and my lower half is still protesting at this point. I should get moving, or at least try to. It's snowing this morning. yippee. Have I mentioned that I hate winter? Later.

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