Monday, December 18, 2006

Four Calling Birds

This is my 100th post, already! I am really sorry to report that i have nothing particularly interesting to say, and really, shouldn't your ONE HUNDREDTH post be significant? Ahh...the disappointment.

It is 5:22 in the blessed a.m. I have been up for a couple of hours. I don't like starting my day when the clock is still in the threes. This day will be a month long. Yesterday ended up being a complete wash out, I sat my big ass on the couch all day. I was in lots of pain, I took several pills, slept little, watched stupid tv alot. I didn't accomplish one thing on my agenda for the day. No matter, somehow it will all get done. I need elves or fairies that come in while I sleep and do all the work that I DON'T do. ( My first husband used to tell me that we had those-and things would get done after I went to bed. I haven't thought about that in years, the memory sort of makes me sad) But anyway, I don't think this house came equipped with them. So the present wrapping will be done over the course of a few days, and we all lived without the dinner that I did not cook.

OS came home Saturday night and stayed until last evening, after basketball. It was nice having him home. I wish he could find someone that makes him happy, although he really doesn't seem all that unhappy, I guess I just think my kids ought to be in pairs.

Walking is painful today, and that damned pain in the left side of my ribcage will not go away. My coffee is quite good this morning, however. I have alot to do at the garage today, as usual, but Owner should be back, although I have not heard from him. Only four days until Thanksmas, I find I really am looking forward to it. This weekend will be a blur of cooking, cleaning, and getting ready for Sunday night, Christmas Eve, when at one time or another, there should be about 20 people here. I really, really do enjoy the holidays, but I really am happy when they are over.

I suppose I should hobble my rear end into the shower. I hope that your Monday is wonderful, like I am hoping mine will be.

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SOUL: said...

you dream of cleaning fairies too?
i did not know that!

( i am catching up...see?... i also see i had been here b4...hmmm... apparently i had this plan a while ago---wonder how far i'll get this time.)

i remember now btw-- "fuckedupness"
you oughtta bring that word back to life.. i love it!

also--- when did you start this thing.. it says 100th... looks like it started in dec .. hmmm... i'm just retahded, i spose.

and why did you stop sayin brown bottle too?