Monday, December 18, 2006

Three French Hens

Ya gotta love, that's not really the truth. I hate Mondays, and this one has been no different. I am a good boss. I am too good a boss, I care too much about the employee "family" that has one way or another incorporated itself into these four walls. I am not a stupid person, and I am not a pushover. I have a VERY strong sense of what is fair, and right, and good. I am all of the above, when it comes to the employees. But I am tired of being shit on by them. And I am going to have to put a little fear back into some of them. I hate having to play the games, but a select few makes it impossible for everyone. I am FINISHED being too good. They will now being doing well to find me just "good". Fuck 'em.

This is a long day, and the evening has just begun. I still have alot to do, if I can just keep my brain functioning, but I am getting tired. I find that sometimes it's better to wait and work in the morning, than try and fix the mistakes made on a long night at work. We will see, I guess. Hope your day has been better than mine. Later.

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