Friday, May 23, 2008

One of THOSE kinds of days

Hey, hey, hey----it's finally Friday! And the last day of being here in this great state of Minnesota, no offense to those who call it home, I think this place is wonderful, but I am ready to get back to my own life, my own routine...what's left of it anyway.

Yesterday, things seemed to be ticking along as they should...until my Mom texted me, in the middle of the afternoon, with a message that read: "call me, it's important". So, of course, I couldn't wait until the day was over, I was too nervous about what was wrong. After I called, I wished I had waited as the rest of the day was ruined for me, I found it impossible to concentrate on anything. My step dad, Richard, has colon cancer. Just like that, out of the blue. He has had no issues or problems, and merely had a routine colonoscopy, and they found cancer. He has surgery scheduled for June 3rd, and it is the surgeon's belief that will take care of it, assuming they find no surprises once they get in there. GREAT. I was literally dumbfounded, if you all knew Richard, you would know that he's a healthy, young for his age man, can do anything, will do anything....Of course, this is worrying me, for him - although I do believe that at this early stage it can be stopped, but also for my mom, without him, I seriously have no idea what would happen to her. PLUS, while he is in the hospital and after his surgery, my mom is going to need help. That was my first thought, or the second, as my first one was for R. So, of course, now I'm working again and can't be there. There is no way I can ask for time off in this job. Trav, my older sister, is having surgery herself the day before R's, and will in fact need her own help, (another thing I was cursing the timing gods for, as I certainly could have gone and helped her, had it been in the right time frame for my job). My younger sister, is in BAD, BAD shape herself, cannot get down her own stairs most of the time, so she will not be helpful in the least. Eventually, we did come up with a solution, one that will be okay, but these are the things on my mind last evening, so the studying I was assigned to do went right out the window. Of course, there is a big "test" on what we have learned these past two weeks today. But, I was still trying, after the million phone calls I made, and all the discussing. I was still trying, sitting here in my room, attempting to make sense of all of the reading I had to do from the manual. Then the phone rings once again, and my youngest was on the line. "Uh mom...." Oh great, here it comes, I can tell by the tone in his voice this isn't going to be good. And now, of course...he has lost his job. JUST FRICKING PEACHY. He was let go for being on the internet when he was not supposed to, and of course I asked him if he knew he wasn't supposed to be there, and of course, he knew. Not my problem, I realize, but I am not the kind of mom who can't or won't worry. Finally, I went next door to the restaurant, ate dinner, and had a couple of much needed beers. In my head, I said "screw it". This morning, however, I have alot to do....ugh.

The last day!!! Hope all of you have a great day today...and I will see you all here tomorrow, from my own HOME!


Gypsy said...

Hopefully there is cause to remain optimistic about Richard's condition and all the other things will work out somehow. They always do. Everything won't seem so bad once you are back home.

Safe travels on the road and hope all the tests went well. I'm sure you probably aced them all.

SOUL: said...

dammit gypsy! :)) i coulda been FIRST! but i talked to her-- lalalala:))
just kiddin

oh.. sorry jamie :))

i am sorry about the crap fallin in your lap at such a bad time. not like there is any good time for such news, but ya, both richard and Jordy will surely be ok.. and your mom too.

i'm restraining myself from "preaching".. you know that right?
things just come to me when i talk to you. not sure why-- i wish things would come to me when i'm in a bind. well.. maybe that's what you're for :))

anyways... i know you are a worrier - but you , and everyone else will be alright--
i've seen you go through worse - you can do it.

some things just aren't your job.. k?

i will talk to ya later ---

i HAVE to know how today went-- K? or else i won't be able to fish--and it will be all your fault-- :<


abbagirl74 said...

Sorry sweetie. This is tragic news. I am thinking of you and your family.

JYankee said...

I think Richard will be ok..and if it is caught early ... but yeah these things tend to team up don't they? sucks... one thing at a time... your son.. yeah it is your duty as a mom to worry..but then he is an adult and he knew what he was doing... what else can i say... it is easier said than done.. anyways.. enjoy your trip home!

Mary said...

When it rains it pours. You and family are in my prayers. Plese travel safely. When you're home and in your own environment you'll be better able to cope.

fiwa said...

I'm so sorry to hear that about Richard. Wow, it never rains but pours, doesn't it? All that at once. Remember to take care of you in the midst of all of this.

I'll be thinking about you all.

Kelly Jene said...

My godfather had colon cancer. He was old and not in good shape at all and he was healed 100% after surgery. I hope that lifts your spirits a bit.

I hope your weekend picks up and you can enjoy your time back at home.

ac said...

I hope you are on your way HOME.

Rebecca said...

ARG. My thoughts are prayers are with you and your stepfather, and your entire family. The timing gods definitely have a warped sense of humor, no?