Thursday, May 22, 2008

A post with no name

Another beautiful Spring morning here in Minneapolis, even if it is still a little cold. How do I know already? Why, I have already been up and outside to smoke one of the few cigarettes that I allow myself each day. Yes, I still want to quit. No, it's not going to be easy. I am down to about 5 a day, but those 5 are going to be REALLY hard to give up. Wonder if that's why they call it an addiction? I see it as a battle I have yet to win, but I will.

My week has already been long, but productive. I am beginning to SEE myself in this job, and to understand the importance of what I will be doing. Being too heavy to be healthy is another hard habit to break, and that is not even beginning to break the surface of what being overweight will do to a person's mental and emotional health. How exciting to be a part of watching a brand new person emerge from the chains of fat! I understand it because I have lived it, I know the feelings, emotions, and often the true self loathing that goes along with it. However, I have also known the feeling of becoming a brand new me, when the weightloss goal is achieved, and how positively that affects every aspect of a woman's life. What a wonderful position I get to be in, to help another person, most often a woman, find her true self and become all that she was intended to be! I have to say that this particular program is an exceptional one, and one that obviously works, I have been on it for three days and have already lost 2.4 pounds. I always have a few to lose, and what better way to understand this, than to try it? But, enough about all of this.

I am also quite excited to get back home, I miss my home, my husband, my rotten kitties and even my CrazyDog SO MUCH. Tomorrow, and it can't come soon enough.

I'll have to cut this short once much to do, so little time. I hope that this is the best day ever for each of you. :)


Smocha said...

Yay!for you! down to 5 cigarettes a day:)

That's next on my agenda...but's soooo hard.

Glad you have survived your trip away. Dorothy was right....there's no place like home:)

Have a great day!

SOUL: said...

ugh-- smocha beat me again-- she does it on purpose ya know. :((


yep 5 a day-- terrific. you got it in the bag!

and a couple pounds too.

i'm proud of you jamie. you have accomplished soooo much this passed few months!! (not to mention the past YEAR)
things you never imagined that you would get through-- much less on by choice.

almost done. and with a new confidence-- that only days ago-- you didn't have. this just makes me smile--- i'm proud to know you-- and to call you my friend.

i hope the next day and a half fly by for you and you are soon back home with your family and pets-- and in your new job and enjoying your life again!!!


Gypsy said...

Soul's comment just made me tear up. she's so goddamn proud of you and so am I Jamie.

I've started the giving up smoking thing AGAIN. I haven't had one for 7.5 days now but I have been really sick lately which has helped to not be tempted. It will never be easy though.

Keep up the good ROCK!!

fiwa said...

I knew you would be terrific at this job. You are so compassionate and caring.

Yay for tomorrow - for going home! I hope today goes by quickly.


SOUL: said...



wish i was there--

guess a virtual hug will have to do--

hang in there -- one more short day--

talk to ya soon

hi gypsy :))

Kelly Jene said...

That will be amazing to watch. Maybe I'll come visit you and you can help me get skinny.

You're going to be wonderful at this.

desert dirt diva said...

what kind of diet are you doing?????send me the info, because i just went to the dr. have gained 8 pounds.. and i have been eating healthy exercisig and even frigging walking, yet i gain weight so send me your program info.........HELP ME, i'm drowning in fat.....