Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Asses and elbows

I managed to accomplish A LOT of work yesterday. I locked my office door, and threatened anyone who thought they should be allowed to enter anyway. I now only have about four weeks of work to finish in the next three days, but I'm gaining.

I don't think I mentioned that I bought another car on Friday - and holy crap, it's a Chrysler! A 300M actually, a used one that came in on trade in a Cadillac deal. It is beautiful, and I say that a little in shock myself, as I don't do Chrysler, or Dodge or Ford, for that matter. I stole it for a song of course, and I really, really enjoy driving it. The Grand Am that I am already making payments on will be handed over to Janelle, along with the tiny payment, because she cannot continue making the huge payment she has on her nearly worn out vehicle. I don't like having to do it this way, but the circumstances warrant some kind of action, as she needs a car that she can afford and depend on.

My drive home last night at eight o'clock was a white knuckle ride - the snow was literally pounding down on me, nearly blinding. The twenty miles of dark highway between my house and the dealership was treacherous, and I about pulled over to sit on the side of the highway all night. I am tired of making these kinds of drives, this winter has been relentless. If all my drive time could be added up, I'll bet that I would find I have spent YEARS behind the wheel of a car, and I cannot remember a time when it's been so nerve wracking and desperate. I have never, ever been afraid in a car, but I think I am just about fed up with it - although there certainly is no public transportation or taxi service available in the boondocks in which I reside.

I didn't throw up last night! Maybe it was just a bug? A middle of the night only bug, but a bug nonetheless. Hmmmm...that would make it a nocturnal bug. I don't like the sound of that. :)

Today Mark and I will travel to the city to see my Mom before her surgery. I hope the highways are in better condition, I would hate to think that she would have to reschedule. I am praying that this will give her less pain and allow her to get out of bed and live a little. These past three years have been way too hard on her, she needs a break.

I wish you all the best Tuesday ever, or whatever day it is in your corner of the world. Later.


summer said...

I hope that your mom's surgery will be successful. My gawd woman I don't know how you tolerate that kind of weather. I'd be in a heap on the floor grasping a bottle of antidepressants.

Anonymous said...

good luck with your mom's surgery...best wishes going your way...gawd..really..the weather there...makes here look tropical....

Smocha said...

oh! *shiver*

I don't know how you stand it. Don't you know cold freezing ass places are for young people?

My sons jalopies are falling apart as well. They work on the cars them selves. (scary thought huh?)

Of course they spend their money on OTHER things ....like snoboarding trips and concerts and vacations.

A daughter must be soooo refreshing :)

Hope spring comes early for ya!!

And Hope your mom's surgery goes thru without a hitch.

Happy Tuesday!

Brad said...

I'll be thinking about your mom today & saying little prayers.

In Seattle, we all stay home if you can actually see snow, sticking to the GRASS! If the roads ice up we all hoard food & booze for the second coming.

I'm going shopping for a St. Christopher-dash-board-stick-on-statue for your new Chrissy. There. I've named your car. XO sweet pea - have a good day !

desert dirt diva said...

i to hope all goes well with your mom, and the roadways are good.. now i feel bad for bitching about my miserable 30-69 degree weather and whining about no snow, don't think i could handle that much snow where you live..what are they doing with your mom.. you said cement, whats that?

Golden To Silver Val said...

Prayers going up for your mom today Jamie. Hope everything turns out just like they want it to and your mom can get some relief. That, in itself, will relieve some stress off of you. Wow...20 miles to work. That would kill me. I have a 6 mile drive and when its winter, that is white knuckle driving...I couldn't imagine driving over 3 times that distance in those conditions. AND YOU WONDER WHY YOU'RE STRESSED! Good lord, woman...pour yourself a stiff one!! Big hugs to you, dear friend.

Portia said...

New cars all round, woo-hoo:) I hope everything goes smoothly for your mom today. And it stops effing snowing already!

Rebecca said...

Hey lady. The new car sure sounds spiffy, but I am really sorry that you are driving in such horrendous conditions! Relentless is definitely the best word to describe the snowfall in your part of the world!

And good news on the car swap for Janelle!

I hope your mom's surgery goes well, and she is afforded some relief.

Happy Tuesday to you. I am limping home now...another morning yoga class kicked my butt!

Cheryl said...

Sorry I've been away. I missed you :). But I've caught up on your posts. I hope your mom's surgery goes well and some of her pain is relieved. I hope your Wednesday is good. I can't wait till the day you have a job that is catch-upable.

Brad said...

Is there a Mom update sis ?

Gypsy said...

Good Lord, I freak out if I'm driving in fog. I remember when I worked at the ski resort....on the rare occasions I headed down the mountain to the nearest town I always made someone else drive. Too scary for me.

I hope your Mum's surgery is successful so she can get some relief from the unrelenting pain. Someone is sure kicking your family's butt at the moment and I can certainly see why you would be so stressed.

Hope Janelle enjoys driving her new car and I'm glad you like yours AND got it for such a bargain too.

Take care Jamie, you worry me dear lady. I hope you get round that corner really soon.