Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The fall...

First of all, I want to thank you all for the good wishes for my mom, I would tell her about them, but she tends to think this whole blogging idea is "stupid". She is certain that this is where I go to spill my guts and tell too much. In a way, she's right. So, as far as I know, she has not ever read my blog, although I wish I could share it with her, and have her understand. But that would never happen. As far as yesterday goes though, the dr's were unable to do the surgery, because here oxygen levels were way too low. When she got to the hospital, they were at 68%, and that caused all the staff to freak out, and the procedure was canceled. She has had bronchitis, and had told the surgeon that, and he insisted that it wouldn't be a problem. However, he didn't know my mom's medical history, or the fact that she only has a half a lung on each side, due to repeated bouts of pneumonia that went untreated as a child. When the anesthesiologist arrived yesterday, he absolutely refused to put her under until her lungs were in better shape. So, she did spend the day in the hospital, and saw another dr for the lung problem, and was then sent home with oxygen and medication to get better before it's rescheduled. I was happy that they were not willing to risk doing it when I saw the condition she was in.

Mark and I didn't hurry back to work - we took our time in the city, had lunch, just did nothing much for awhile. That part was nice, it has been far too long since we had time to do nothing. We did head back to the garage late in the day, I got caught up on everything that had been happening there, and then we headed home. Once here, I was looking forward to my book and my couch, after I did a few things that had to be taken care of here. When I went out front to get the mail, my evening plans changed dramatically. I did end up on the couch - but writhing in pain, because I fell on the ice, on my own front porch. It was my own fault, I knew there was ice out there and I looked, I really did. But I did not see it. I stepped on it and both of my legs flew up (hell, it seemed nearly over my head) and my lower back hit the porch HARD. Oh damn, that hurt. It really hurt. MY oh MY it hurt. I don't really know the extent of my injuries, but I do know that 138 pounds of lard ass falling from that height is bound to cause some kind of problem, don't you think? I am bruised, and feeling broken, and worried about my neck, although I didn't fall on that part of my back, thank God. This morning, walking is painful, and I am worried about it somewhat, I do not need any more back problems, I have enough, and the area that hit the hardest is the place of my first back surgery, years ago. Last time it was checked, I already had issues there that need surgical correction, and I have refused to do anything about it, as I would rather deal with the pain at this point. Now - who knows? I am so pissed at myself, I knew there was ice there, hell - there is ice EVERYWHERE. It cannot be dealt with, Mark has put down salt, and on the days it actually warms up enough to melt, it merely refreezes at night, as it is so thick, the salt cannot make it all the way through. I have no idea where my head was, I am always careful on ice, but last evening, I wasn't even thinking about it. So, another problem to be dealt with, and I am in pretty substantial pain this morning. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

Yesterday was the deadline on the buyer making an offer on the Ice Cream Store, and there was no communication from the realtor, as far as I know. So, this morning, it looks as though I am going to be a new owner - as the owner of the dealership is also the owner of the ICS, and he is going to turn it over to me, for the price of the mortgage. He said it was because I deserved something for all that I have done for him these past ten plus years. That is a very VERY good deal...and I am quite grateful. Although it opens a whole new area of worry for me, as so far, the place has never even held it's own, let alone turned any kind of profit. I have been running it or overseeing it since it opened, and while I think there are a few things that can be done to improve the bottom line, I do not have the resources needed to keep it going. The mortgage and lease payments on all of the equipment has been set ridiculously high, and some of those are being paid off in the deal, so that will help. I will put son #1 in there to manage it, as he has been working there with Mark for the past two seasons, and if he is willing to literally WORK, it will support him very well, and hopefully cover it's own expenses, and the potential for a profit is certainly there. It has only been open four seasons, and we added food to the menu last year, and that really is helping on the bottom line. I do have hope as well as a plan to turn it around. The security that having that business could provide for us later is worth the risk and hassle, as well as the profit involved in selling it at some point. So, it is a wonderful, but scary thing. I am extremely grateful to Owner, as it is a very generous thing for him to do. Mark and I will have to be involved in overseeing the management, and provide as much help as Son 1 needs, but we will work elsewhere, if nothing else to help keep it going when needed. But, beginning today, it is another thing that will take my time, as we have to get busy getting it ready to be opened mid-March.

So, enough of my chatter for the day. I am in pain, my head is pounding, I suppose from stress? This day will be rough. I hope that each of you have a really good Wednesday. Out.


summer said...

I'll have two scoops of lemon custard.

I hope you feel better today.

SOUL: said...


sorry. about your back. those kindsa feet out from under ya falls are the worst. i hope you are ok.

the ice cream store sounds like a really good thing for you... the whole family actually . a lot can be done with a place like that-- of course i don't know how big it is-- i have always pictured it small. but still. those small town places can have a lot of potential.. best of luck with it!

please take care of your back today-- and try to have a good day-- try not to worry about too much. i know it's hard.. but really-- just do the best ya can.. and have a happy humpday!

it IS humpday??



Gypsy said...

Wth are we going to do with you Jamie? You poor bugger, that WOULD have really hurt. Craig and I were digging post holes once with this you beaut, heavy duty post hole digger. I was on one side he was on the other. It was shuddering and slowly powering through the ground when it hit a really hard spot. With that, it threw me one way and Craig the other and we were both airborne. We ended up about 4 feet away from the digger and landed HARD. It really hurt but I got the giggles and couldn't get up. I only laughed because I had a mental image of what we must've looked like. I just told you that story in the hopes it would make you smile.

Your poor old mum. 68% is terribly low and thank God the Docs had the sense not to go ahead with the surgery.

You are going to be so sore tomorrow but I hope you manage to have a better day. Good luck with the ice cream store too. You never know, you might make it into a little gold mine.

Anonymous said...

ouch!! I'm hurtin' for you girl!! I fell last year...and have had back surgery!! Not fun!!
Ice and winter suck I have decided!!
Pam 'Oh Da Woods

abbagirl74 said...

I find if fascinating that you are running the ICS. As one of my very first jobs, I worked at an ICS. We served soft serve frozen yogurt and sandwiches at lunch time. We had an excellent lunch crowd. Ah, the memories.

Kelly Jene said...

Ow! Please take it easy on yourself!

Portia said...

holy mackerel. i am so sorry to know you're in even more pain now, but glad that you are still walking today. i hope you make it through the rest of the winter without incident.
the ice cream store sounds like an exciting prospect!

Mary said...

Oh, Jamie, I'm so sorry you're in pain. Falling is so easy to do and so harsh when it happens. It would be so nice if you could be out of the ice and snow if only for a few days. I'm sorry your Mom is having trouble with oxygen uptake. 68% is really low. It's so hard to see our parent in pain. I'm thinking of you and you are in my prayers. Everything will work out but I know it isn't easy now.

Cheryl said...

I've never heard of ICS. I love ice cream.

Oh, I'm so sorry you fell. Not what you needed or wanted. I hope you wake up feeling better.

JYankee said...

oh no! those careful!

SOUL: said...

where are you?