Monday, January 28, 2008

What pickle bucket?

It's technically Monday morning, although if the truth were to be told, this has to be the middle of Sunday night. For whatever reason I cannot sleep, again. Go ahead and choose one, any will do. I think the biggest one is coughing---I am fine when I am awake, or I have been anyway, but when I lay down, I start coughing. I think I need a Dr today, because actually, I am not feeling the best, this cold feels like it is turning into something worse.

Okay, so I had THE best time yesterday. Soul is such good medicine - for the soul. Have I mentioned how wonderful a person I think she is? Not that we even talked about anything - of any importance. It wasn't that kind of time together, both husbands were there, the time was too short...and if I were to tell you all the truth, both of us were strangely quiet, for us, that is. We ate like piggies, which is what I always do at Red Lobster, it is my JOB, and the guys made jokes, and ate like piggies, and my husband coughed and hacked and coughed some more, but that's another story...but we sort of sat there and relaxed and we were able to let down our hair and breathe...and it has been a long time since I have had the chance to do that. We talked of everything, and we talked of nothing and it was just good. She and soulman are really good together. He takes care of her---protects her, worries over her, and yet, not in an overbearing way, not in a way that offends. I respect him tremendously. She looks wonderful but beat and she needs more fun and happy. I think she's getting there. She was astounded at my recovery, since the last time we saw each other, I couldn't walk, and when I left her she cried because she was afraid perhaps I wouldn't ever be able to. Now, she had to remind me to slow down - which I will be more careful to do in the future. :) We did laugh a little, and we didn't cry, although I think maybe we could have, but that would have been okay, too. It's funny where this life leads you, and who it leads you to. And like Forest, I guess that's all I have to say about that.

When we got home, D was here waiting, and quite ready for me to return. She had a good day, everything was fine, but she is quite anxious, understandably. Tomorrow is the appointment with the specialist, and of course, I am praying that all things are perfect, that what was seen on the ultra sound was a mistake, and that nothing is wrong. And things like that have happened before, so it would not surprise me. Plus, I believe that God answers prayer - so that outcome is more than possible. But I am also trying to prepare myself for less than good news but I am having a hard time believing that is the case. I have decided though that I can deal with whatever comes - I am not on this earth for anything less than doing whats expected of me. It is and always has been my job to see that my kids get through whatever they need help with, and should this turn out to be less than perfect circumstances, I am here to help her through it. I do believe in God, I do believe in meant to be's, I do believe in timing, so what will be, is going TO BE. It is up to us, as God's children, to pick up the pieces and carry on, and learn from what has happened. That is the only positive that could be gained in something like this, should be worst be realized. Unfortunately, we don't come into the world knowing anything. The only way we learn is heartache and hardship...and going by that theory, some of us should truly be scholars, shouldn't we?

And another Monday is upon us. Ugh. I wish I could say I felt better this morning. I think I have been running for too long, working too hard, with no downtime. And I do think I won't get better until I get myself to the Dr---I had really thought I might be able to get a cold, and just get over it. I think I will make an appointment with the regular Dr today, I'm tired of not sleeping.

Oh, just to catch you all up: My mom is not better, but she is cancer free. I am happy to hear that - I was really worried that they would find bone cancer, she sure has had specific pain for a long time, and that was really the only explanation left. However, she is clean. Great news, except, she is still in awful pain, and now what? They have checked everything, done every test...but no cancer sounded wonderful to me.

The rental house is sold and the closing is this Wednesday. I will be so happy to be rid of it- and the payment. :)

Have a great, great Monday, if that is possible. :)


SOUL: said...

would that be the pickle bucket that the pickle person peed in??? peter piper pickle pee-er , perhaps?


i am happy to hear mom and D are ok.. good even. well. as good as it gets for now i guess.

thank yo hubby for being your hacking irritating driver yesterday-- he will surely be blessed for it and get well soon... dontcha think?
tell him to try the scary mucinex :))

one of these days jamie-- we'll have some more than a few hours together, and we're gonna crack a rib laughin ourselves to know that. the last couple times-- we've had some good laughs, even under some heavy stuff--- it's gonna happen. it can't always be heavy.
things will change-- and we will change--- and we will hurt ourselves with laughter again.
and ya know-- we are very lucky that we married these busy men who actually get along. we'd be screwed if they hated each other , and neither of us could drive!
anyhow-- really, it was great to see you.. and it was good for the SOUL.
hi to your D.. and i hope you all have a good day. i know. but i do.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you had such a great two really are soul sisters arent you....?? I'll be thinking the best thoughts for D...and for your mom as're right..the worst has not been realized..and that is good...

Gypsy said...

I can just imagine you two buggers together. Just wait until you are both at full strength, then look out world, here they come!

I will be keeping you and D in my thoughts for the appointment and I hope that the news is good. I'm glad to hear that your mum is cancer free but its a shame they couldn't find the reason for her pain so they could maybe do something about it.

Get yourself to the Doctors post haste Jamie so you can nip whatever you are coming down with in the bud. Have a good day today/tomorrow/whatever it is.


{{{{{{{{{{{THINKING OF YOU GUYS TODAY!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}

I said this in souls comment, but you both remind me of two sisters...just the way you treat each other...thank you.

Gods Blessings,

Mary said...

I just have to ditto exactly what I said on Soul's blog.

"What a wonderful meeting for two very special ladies. It makes me feel happy to think of the two of you with your heads together laughing and enjoying your time together. Some folks are just destined to meet and become lifelong friends. The two of you certainly fit that mold."

The news about your mother is good - well good that she doesn't have cancer. Pain is never good news. I pray that Gods blessing will be in D's favor and she will have good news. Now, Jamie, you make that appointment and get to the doctor post-haste. Don't let this bug get a tight hold - zap it before it gets worse.

Amanda said...


Are you sure it's Monday? There are some mighty good news in this post! :)

Hope that cold goes away really soon.

Foster Communications said...

I'm glad you two had such a good time. You had a good time coming to you!
I do hope you get some good news tomorrow. You're right, prayers do get answered.

the landshark said...

i'm so lucky to have a mom like you. thank you for everything.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Get your butt to the doctor, girl. Learn a lesson from what I went through. This bug is not to be trifled with...its a doozie!
I'm so glad you and Soul got together...nothing does the body so much good as laughter! Good for the both of you!
Glad to hear D is doing ok so far. We will all keep our fingers and toes crossed....and send up some prayers for God to make the best thing happen.
Big Hugs!

Beth said...

God DOES answer prayer Jamie...I KNOW prayers going up for you and yours....

Cheryl said...

So glad to hear you and the Souls were together. I wish you lived closer to each're good together.

I'll be waiting and praying for good news on the baby tomorrow. Till then...