Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hold on tight to your dream

A beautiful day, this morning...the sun is shining so beautifully, my house it lit up BRIGHT. There is a slight breeze, I can see it in the flag out front, it's not whipping, but it's briskly blowing this way, then that way. Sounds gorgeous, doesn't it? The problem is, it's 3 degrees outside. And I think that makes the windchill nearly -369. Holy crap, it's cold out there, even CrazyDog was shaking after being out for a few minutes. I was hoping for a somewhat warm, or warmER day today, so that I could get outside and WALK. Yes, I said WALK. On Sunday, H, CrazyDog and I went out and took a walk! In the real outside, in the sunshine, in the air! It was absolutely amazing...it was awesome...it was indescribably wonderful. The last time I was able to do that, I believe we were in South Dakota, and that was in September. I consider it miraculous, believe me. Something so mundane, and so taken for granted by so many is literally miraculous to me, but it is. I didn't think I would ever be able to do it again. I almost cried, it felt so wonderful. I may still try it today, it depends on the wind. I can dress against the cold very easily, but the damned wind is hard to dress for, when it's this cold, you cannot keep the wind out. So, we will have to see as this day progresses. Anyway, first on my list of things to do has to be getting the Christmas taken down, it is way past time for all of it to be packed away once again.

New Years Eve was a happy time, we enjoyed ourselves, the crowds the noise. I had the best kiss at midnight---and even had champagne to compliment it! We dragged out tired selves in here about the time I usually get up in the morning, so I am little upside down, time-wise today. H will be getting up at the crack of noon to help me get started on the tree-removal task... then he and I will spend a quiet day, probably freezing our butts off. :)

We have so many things to do this year, it's overwhelming when you look at all the plans at once. We talked about all of it last night, and I'm happy to know we are on the same page with most things, although it's funny what worries him about those plans versus what I concern myself with. He has high hopes for himself personally, and I know he can do anything he puts his mind to. We are still under the impression that the other house we own is selling and it will be good to have that handled and out of our hair. Once it does though, this place is going to be put on the market---after a few (what I hope to be) minor updates. H has many plans and he is only one man. I am NOT a home re-modeler, you will not find me with a sander in my hand, going to town on the upstairs wood floors. Nor will you find me drywalling. You MIGHT, and I did say MIGHT, find me with a paintbrush---but only if it's an easy job. It never has been my thing, and to be honest, I am not GOOD at any of it. The problem with projects like that, particularly in a house this old, is that you finish one, and then see another thing that needs doing, just as badly. It can take years and thousands of dollars. And we are doing it to SELL. So, it could be a struggle for him to know when to stop. :)

I hope that whatever you do today, that you are warmer than me, (shudder), and that you are having a great beginning to 2008.

I will catch you all later. :)



Happy Happy New Years!
Merry New Years!
Have a great 08!

Just think, this time next year, you'll have a grandchild! awwwwww..so precious your future!
Glad to hear you were out and walking! Wonderful!!

SOUL: said...

did you walk? want me to send you my oompa loompa suit??? how bout my carharts? LOL. ok. i know you have more fashion sense than i , but really they are WARM. the oompa loompa suit is under armour tho--no one can see that.
but anyhow.. wussup!
did you get the christmas stuff down?

sounds like there is a lot comin up for you .. and ya, i know whatcha mean about the home improvement stuff. not quite my cuppa tea either. that's OLDYS thing. really. she can do anything from hang drywall to, paint a ceiling. not me though. i've tried, and trust me, only a disaster ensues.

ok. anyways.
i was just checkin in on ya,

hope you are feeling good today!

would you believe that i have never even tasted champagne? and probably never will.
hmph. oh well.


ac said...

Hold on tight to your dreams... What a nice thought going into 2008.

I will be holding on tight to mine.
Promise you will do the same.

Happy New Year Miss simonsays!

Cheryl said...

So glad to hear you were able to take a walk. You must be so, so happy. The new year is looking good!

Mary said...

I'm so happy to read about your walk and plans for the future. I just saw on the news that yet another snow storm is hitting parts of Michigan and Ohio - lots of power outages. Not sure where you're located but I hope you have power.

Anonymous said...

I just had to smile when I read that... that is so great!!!! and yeah..if you're gonna go out walking..better borrow Soul's oompa loompa suit...that thing keeps ya warm..or so I've heard...LOL... Good 2008 to ya! (A good start anyways..)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Bbrrrr... it's so cold!
But there is so much warmth in your blog Jamie :)
You must have felt better, and I sincerely hope that you will feel even better in 08.

PS: I'm down with cold, which is why I'm so keen to go around kissing people :)

Oldy said...

I am soooo happy to hear that you are doing so well!!!

Hope the Dr. has more good news for ya!

I took most Christmas stuff down yesterday. Now I have to WAIT again for hubby to get around to doing his part. :o

Portia said...

3 degrees??? Ouch. I'm so glad you guys had a good New year's! (Cheers:) I hope you got to enjoy a walk at some point yesterday. From what you tell of H he seems like such a very good hearted man. And it's so nice to find that you're on the same page. Should make it easier to let him worry about the remodeling so you can focus on you:)