Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kentucky Woman

I think I may have taken a turn. I feel better-not healed, not great, but better. I just am better. And thankful. It's funny, this has been such an ordeal...long, painful and just plain crappy. I know it's not over yet, but I can almost tell you the exact moment that it turned around and started going the right direction. The human body is strange, isn't it?

I am so very tired of the Iowa caucus stories, and they are still four days away. Do you know what caucusing means? I looked it up, wanted to know a little more about it. What a strange way of standing up and being counted, literally, geez...I don't live in an area that's large enough to hold one, so I would have to go to who-knows-where, and I am not going to participate, but I certainly think it would be an interesting thing to see. I was taught that voting and being involved in the political process in not a right, it's an absolute responsibility, and I have never been as confused and literally dumbfounded as I am this year. I have always voted on a straight party ticket, at least pretty much so, but the lines are no longer clear, and the parties are no longer separate, and the candidates are no longer even worthy, sadly, and while I know that someone will be elected, and I HAVE to vote, I cannot at this time, make a choice-even just in my own mind. I realize the candidates will be narrowed down to two and that will make the job easier, it certainly will not make it any better. I have done my homework and I am not impressed. I have never liked those that complain for the sake of just that, if you want to bitch then give me a plan to make it better, too. Sadly, I cannot do that, either. At this time, all I can do is bitch. I see no way of changing this sad state of affairs anytime soon. This country was founded on freedom and the very root of that freedom is electing our leaders. I will still do that job and be proud of it. But I certainly feel for anyone that has the task of attempting to clean up the mess that has been made. I am still proud to be an American, and this is still the greatest nation in the world. I certainly hope that whomever inherits this huge job of cleaning up after this administration, can make some sort of progress toward a unified good. I suppose that's enough said...

H an I actually went out last night and had some fun. I can't tell you how great it was to be out, and walking! We got back home early, and then I actually slept for about seven hours. I think I may be a new person today.

I woke up to a little Deep Purple this morning, Kentucky Woman...I have to confess I heard it in the car yesterday afternoon, I guess that's why it's in my mind.

Now I think Kitty 1 is getting the cold that Kitty 2 is now over. He is sneezing and crabby...but then he is crabby all the time...but it certainly hasn't affected his appetite any.

D is not feeling well either. I think she is going to have a really long nine months. I think we are ALL going to have a really long nine months. Right now, she has a bad cold, and that sucks when you are pregnant.

I think I should get up and do something today. I have been sitting here long enough. I want to get all the Christmas put away, I don't know if I'm energetic enough for that today, or if I'll wait until Tuesday. I've always heard that it should be left up until the new year, that it's bad luck if it isn't. I know I don't want any more bad luck---Tuesday is looking better all the time.

Have a great Sunday!


SOUL: said...

your patriotism gives me goosebumps! for real. there really isn't enough of that anymore. and that makes me sad. you are right. there is a huge mess to be cleaned up-- and i too fear that it is a long time comin.

sorry to hear about the kitty and the daughter.. not in that order of course. :)) hope they both do get feeling beter soon though.

and i am very happy--as if you didn't know, to hear that you are feeling better . boy howdy, am i. :))
so--you know i vote for leavin your christmas there til tuesday!

(anyone second that motion?)

ummmm.... well... alrighty then... i have forgotten the rest of your post. surprised? nah, i didn't think you would be.

ahhhh, but the song.. i have been singin a song in my head all morning too--and for no apparent reason. it isn't a daily thing for me like it is for you and some others. but i was singin tom petty.. a woman in love... at least i think that's what it was. i can't remember now cuz the counting crowes are singin mr jones on tv right now.
so it kinda messes up my quiet mind. or would that be un-quiet mind. hmmmm

anyhow... i think i should leave now

have a good...feel good day today!

SOUL: said...

i have a sneaking suspicion that giving D your password for your blog was not the brightest idea that you've had???
just by lookin at your tags under this post.. i don't recall the daughter comment being there last time i was here.

but anyhow.... yes i am still on me arse... and really should get UP lest i pass out. which actually sounds kinda good about now. i should not have eaten before accomplishing at least something.

one more day down the drain i'm afraid.

anyhow--- bye

Summer said...

I second that!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I am sooooo glad you're feeling noticeably better. Hopefully, you'll feel better and better each day. Hugs.


Happy New Years!
I can imagine how tiresome that caucus is...
D, feel better, and if any tummy tumbling sickness, perhaps seabands..and I will close and not bug you anymore with my past Pregnancy follies :) hahah

Happy New Years..what song is in your head now? :)

Cheryl said...

I'm sooooo glad you're feeling better.

Mary said...

Spoken - er - written like the true patriot I'm sure you are. I agree with everything you said. I have just about resigned myself to waiting for the final two and then supporting the lesser of two questionable candidates.

I'm sorry the daughter isn't feeling well. Pregnancy is not always user friendly. Hope she feels better soon.

Knowing that you are feeling better and are beginning to have a little fun is great!! It'll be a while before you're completely healed but you WILL be riding the bike before long.

Have a happy, peaceful New Year.

Portia said...

It is so good to hear you feeling good! And having been out and about:) Healing take a lot of time. I hope you continue to feel better still.
That was a moving political ...rant, for lack of a better word. The whole situation does maek one feel kind of helpless. I hope D feels better soon and you all have a wonderful New Year!