Monday, October 15, 2007

A GOOD Monday?

And I continue to improve. REALLY. I did not take any narcotics yesterday. NONE. I don't think I have had a pill free day in months. It was awesome. I still have pain, but I can take it. I took ibu, just like i used to, before the pain started kicking my ass. This is me smiling, in case you can't tell.

I cannot believe this is the middle of October. I have missed so much time. I feel as though I have been gone. And my job....I don't even want to think about the condition of my work. Suffice it to say, I have alot to do. And that is the understatement of the year. But today I have to stop working and go have yet another MRI on my upper back. Yippee. But I will return to work late in the day and work until eight tonight.

My day yesterday was really pretty uneventful. I have been sleeping so much and I have no idea why. I cannot blame the drugs. I did do some light housework, and I started a new book. I didn't even cook, just called in a pizza. I saw all my kiddos at some point, they were all here, but in shifts. I slept off and on, and I couldn't make it through one tv show I wanted to see. Ah, the joys of my MUCH excitement. Tomorrow, I am going to try the bike. I would try it today, but it will be dark by the time I get home, and it is still raining, and rain is predicted throughout the day. Please don't misunderstand my complaints from me...I am happy today! Out.


Summer said...

I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

GREAT Jamie!!!! (((((hugs)))))

SOUL: said...

what could be better?
less "drugs", naps, kids, no cooking, rain, and a bike ride in your near future!!!!
jamie, things are lookin up for you!!! i am doin the happy dance.. can ya see???
i hope the mri goes well. make sure you let them know in advance that if it takes a real long time you NEED a break!!! even if it's just to stand up for a second and then get back in. don't let it hurt you like last time. ok? you better do as i say! LOL
specially since you have to go back to work afterwards. you want to be feelin good.
i'm really happy to see this post. all sounds good in chicken-land. omg. you can never change your chicken kknow that? i would have no idea what to call y'all if you did.
i'm sooo freakin retahded. but in a good way. i think.
well anyhow... lemmee know how the day goes.. pain, mri, work... etc etc.
btw... i ordered pizza last night to.. actually found a place with spinach pizza... good spinach pizza... i had to eat it with a knife and fork and eat like a baby... but it was real food. and tasty too. (i love that i love lucy episode!)

ok.. i shall let ya go.

Portia said...

Such wonderful news!! Don't worry about the things you feel behind in, everything will fall into place. I hope the next MRI goes well & it's a great day!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

WOW... what great news to start my morning off with! No drugs and less pain for Jamie - hallelujah! It must be such a shock to wake up and realize that you feel so much better than you did last Monday. I'm glad that you slept a lot yesterday, your body has been thru hell, and needed the rest! Will be sending positive energy your way to get you thru another MRI today, and even more to get you thru the day at work. Keep Smiling, Miss Jamie, life is looking up! :-)


Very good..and you have every right to express your disdain..sometimes getting it out of your system can help with your focus of good recovery.

If you are in pain though, don't feel bad if you need to take some's your body's way of saying, owie...
Have a great monday!

Gypsy said...

That news warmed the cockles of my heart. Now don't go overdoing it trying to catch up with everything. Its waited this long and it can wait a bit longer. Good luck with the MRI.

SOUL: said...

warmed the cockles of my heart.

i love that phrase.. even tho i have no freakin clue what a cockle IS! :))

don't chickens have cockles???

i think i'm crackin up!!!!
hep me!!

simonsays said...

Yes, soul, I believe you are crackin' all the way up....I don't know if chickens have cockles...but i know that gypsy meant that her heart was all the way warmed. :) and I loved her for it.

As for you...maybe i should call the they fix cracks?

Amanda said...

Yahoo! :) Please don't hate me, but I'm hoping it will rain some more. You can use the downtime!

CCC said...

YEAAH! Progress! I am so elated for you. Let's keep thinking positive and hoping your healthy vibes reproduce for the rest of the week and thereafter!

Maria said...

I am SO SO happy. Doesn't it feel incredible when you come back from that place? You look around and suddenly you are a part of the world again instead of just watching it in a pain filled fog.

Pen and the Sword said...

I am so happy to hear that you are doing better. That is excellent news! Keep on truckin' girl! :o)

SOUL: said...

jamie... i don't know if the whaambulance fixes cracks... but if they do , please call me one-or two. good lord. i got your rain-and your pain-----and guess what- that rhymed and i din't mean for it to. i feel like hell.

how bout you?
you didnt tell us how the mri went. or how your day went. what happened? how are you feeling?

i have been so freakin busy. i am layed out now. no dinner no nuthin. ugh. can i just do my post in your box? nah, i'll get to it in my own, but i shall make my rounds first. i have neglected all my peeps today.
including the soul-peeps. poor hungry souls. well , there's food..i shopped... some other soul can cook. cuz i dont even care.

anyhow- update us k?
latah tatah

simonsays said...

Sorry...I should have let you all know that I survived the MRI okay...not that I didn't think I would, although having one of the upper back is a bit of a pain in comparison. I have just been so freakin busy here at work, you know, really-people that are taking pain meds really should not be allowed to do the job that I do. Good heavens...I have made a mess of a few things, and those would be the things that I can FIND. Ugh. But, I will straighten it all out in due time. I am mostly surprised at how tired I am has been quite awhile since I have worked a long day. I am out of "shape", in more ways than one.

Thanks to all of you for stopping in and wishing me well. I am so grateful to all of you...and I am so grateful that I am better, it seems like a dream that I will wake up from, and I will not be able to walk again. I suppose that feeling will hang around for a little while. Everyone have a great night...I will be going home in a half hour, and believe me, I am ready. :)

SOUL: said...

thanks. glad it went ok. glad you made it thru the day.
i am goin to bed .
you know me... i had to be sure you were ok first.
M-- :))
i'm exhausted too.
see ya tomorrow.?