Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm better. Alot better. I still have pain, but my strength is back, and with my strength, I can manage. I am still hoping for the pain to subside, but I can make do with this if I need to. I will take it. Believe me. :)

I am still feeling a little noodly (is that a word?) from the steroids, and I slept from six pm until well into the night, then off and on after that. I was up early, but then who wouldn't be?

D's boyfriend came to visit late last night, and apparently made some sort of huge mistake in his he was arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) IN MY DRIVEWAY. I feel bad about this, as I have been down this road with my own and I know the heartache, expense and plain old trouble this brings about. I also know that this is meant to prevent tragedy. Will these damned kids NEVER learn?

It is storming outside, I love storms, as long as they are not destructive. It makes me want to go back to bed. But now that I am mobile, I feel like I should maybe turn my attention to my disgusting house....I do believe that you could write your name in the dust on my living room tables, excluding the coffee table that is....because H got me a rose on Thursday when I was so sick and last night when I was sleeping, Kitty number two thought it might be fun to knock the vase over and have kitty the water from the vase pretty much took care of the dust...see there is a silver lining in every cloud. :)

Have a great Sunday. Later.


Gypsy said...

The housework aint going anywhere Jamie so put your feet up on your now clean coffee table and let yourself heal a little. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better in yourself and with any luck and IF you take it easy, hopefully the pain will subside too.

This is good news and I leave your blog with a little smile on my face :)

Pen and the Sword said...

I am really happy to hear that you are feeling better. Perhaps the pain will have subsided a great deal by Monday? Please keep us all posted.

abbagirl74 said...

I am happy to hear the pain is manageable. Good for the strength. Sometimes that is all we need.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hallelujah, feeling a little better - that's the best blog news of the day!! I agree with Gypsy, don't go overdoing it, rest up some for the long week ahead. Keep your sights pinned on that bicycle!

Too sad about the boyfriend, a big expense for him, and definitely a hassle if they pull his license. But yes, necessary to protect the rest of us out there on the road. Kids will be kids, but I too wish they'd think twice about the drinking and driving. Maybe now he will. (And how embarssing to have it happen in your driveway.)

LOL at the clean table courtesy of #2 Cat - and what a sweetie H is to bring you that rose! (I hope it was delicious?? - I've had mine do that.)

SOUL: said...

jamie-- guess what?
i brushed my teeth in the wal mart parking lot- with a infant tooth brush!!!! much bettah. :)) just so ya know.

sucks about the dui- but show me someone with a perfect kid and i bet i can show you a liar. they grow up eventually. perhaps it's just a wake up call for the D.??? maybe not. either way, i hope the chicken family and bf- are all ok through this. i do know what a mess it can be.

the rose was nice eh- while it lasted... you coulda swept the rose water into a bowl and soaked your feet in it--- rose petal water? sposed to be soothing. ok..maybe not.

screw the house! that's what i say.
take advantage of feeling strong for a change! do something fun with it- don't waste it on work...go attack hubby :))
ok i'll leave now

Maria said...

It sounds like those big ass drugs are kicking in...GREAT!

Cheryl said...

Funny how it could be so beautiful here and stormy where you are. It hasn't rained her in so, so long.

I'm so happy for you that you're able to move around. That must be such a relief. I hope that by the time you read this that the pain has abated, at least somewhat. I had one epidural, with my labor, and it was weird. How strange to have something injected into just the right spot in your spine. I wish you continued progress.

Happy Sunday to you!

SOUL: said...

speaking of storms.. yours made it out here.. it's lightning and raining right now. hmmm. how cool. i love lightning at night. times like this i want a screened porch!

Amanda said...

This is just great. I've been hoping so badly that the epidural would help you.

Sometimes help comes in other, less desirable ways. I hope the D's bf will take it.

SOUL: said...

are you MIA???


hep me.... i'm retahded and i can't get up! :))

Portia said...

yaaaaaaaaay for you:)
sorry to hear about the DUI:(

SOUL: said... off the rain would ya?
it's stormin baaaaad here now- floodin even. dammit. you know i aint takin my car to school...or anywhere for that matter-at least for a while. good thing we got the "bubba-mobile" bwa haha
i am so frickin witty.
ok .. maybe i'm not.
:) -->--<


that's tough. It happened to my brother too..and my parents are really strict people...
granted he found a good lawyer that got the cop to admit that he encroached on property private property...did it teach my brother a lesson? No..hopefully your D's boyfriend will learn his lesson, pay his dues, maybe be giving a dismissal or first offense type thing..and never make that same mistake again.
SO painful as parents...
How did he end up being pulled over in your driveway? Did the officer follow him? eeks..

SOUL: said...

AHA see jamie? i told ya there was some kinda private property thing. look into that----or actually...
have HIS parents...or HIM look into it. but really... i don't think he shoulda got a dui in the driveway.
if i find time i will google it.. but really.. i have tons to do ..
but it seems i can't get out of blog-land.
ok.. i'm goin...
i must do my business. if anyone comes here that i didn't visit today yet- i'll get there.

CCC said...

A DUI? In your driveway?? How does that happen? ?? I am so glad you're feeling better these days.