Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where ever you go, there you are

Even though I KNEW that all of what I have been going through was NOT over, I was still surprised when I woke up in the night with searing pain in my left leg. I HAD to take medication, I could not shake it with anything else. I am still able to walk around, but my leg certainly is not good this morning. I suppose the euphoria of all my problems being gone had to wear off, but I had hoped it would just naturally do that with time, I really didn't want it to go away with burning pain. Ahhh...such is life, I guess.

I did make some giant steps in getting my job straight. I have so much to get done, and so little time. But that really is as usual...just maybe a little more time crunched than the norm right now.

D is moving out the 10th of November. I am happy about that, I suppose. There will be things that will be good about it, but surprisingly, it has been okay having her here, and i will miss her. The only real complaint I have had has been her BF staying over and that has been sporadic. I am most certainly going to miss her Kitty's. That is going to about kill me. Geez...I think I could fall in love with a door if it would love me back....

Tuesday. The best thing to be said about it: It isn't Monday. Later.


Amanda said...

Oh Jamie, I hope you won't think it was too presumptious of me but I took the liberty of sending you the Sex Fairy. :)

JYankee said...

oh no..but i guess these things just dont go away in one day..but let us not give up hope!!! thinking of ya....

Pen and the Sword said...

It is probably just residual pain, hon. With luck it will be gone completely tomorrow. Definitely let your doctor know if it persists. Hope you feel better soon.

Portia said...

Oh man. I'm sorry to hear about your leg. Hopefully this is just a speedbump and won't last.
I wish you the best possible day today.
And good luck to D!! How exciting:)

Gypsy said...

Bugger it, and things were going so well. One step forward, two steps back but you are making progress albeit slowly. How did the MRI go? Keep your chin up my friend, we all love ya and that's better than a door, well I hope so anyway :)


just think..empty nest, empty nest someday, empty nest..
PErhaps you may end up with the meows..that's usually the case when kids first move out on their own-again-..they realize the burden of the pet...you can offer to grandma sit! :)
I hope things improve with your health..so much for pain management, eh?
It's hard to be motivated when you're in that much pain.
Feel better soon!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I'm sure it was sad to wake up in pain again, hopefully they will continue to work with getting it eradicated. I am grateful for the couple days of feeling better that you had, at least now you know it's possible - so don't give up hope!

I can well understand the mixed feelings of having D move out. Kids... can't live with 'em can't live without 'em. LOL at you becoming attached to her furkids, I remember you fussing a bit when they first moved in! I bet H would be happy to get you one of your very own if you miss them too much! :-)

SOUL: said...

hi jamie..
i finally made it ovah.
i wanna see a sex fairy! i don't have one of those. all my faries clean. hmmm. who knew there would be a damned sex fairy too!!! geesh.

and hey, you can have my D and her kitties too!
not really- just a thought. :))

i know you'll miss the girl and the garfeild on your head in the middle of the night... but they can visit...she isn't movin far is she???

you could always borrow midnight. she's too weak and sore to get up on the bed, but she has no problem licking your face in wee hours. :)) (i could use a week or two without those rude awakenings)

anyhow- i am wondering about your leg. and your day. glad to hear your making progress at work, but the pain sure sucks. i hope it goes away again. (did you say you would be having a second epidural? if so-when?)

ok.. i'm leaving.
catcha latah.

Maria said...

You know...my pain ebbs and flows like that. I have good days and monstrous ones. Let's hope that things continue to get better.

A tip? Try icing your leg even when it doesn't hurt...it might keep it from swelling and hurting when you overdo.

CCC said...

Seering pain? Good god that sucks, woman. I hope you get some rest tonight. Sweet dreams, my lovely, beautiful lady.

Amanda said...

I hope the forward brought a smile to your face, like it was meant to do! If it brought more, then I'm glad. ;)

SOUL: said...

sleepin in?
you ok?
you up?
well... here i am.
smokin and chokin.
i'll check in on ya later.
happy humpday

simonsays said...

Amanda, yes I did get a laugh out of the sex fairy, and SO FAR that is all....!

SOUL: said...