Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's cold here this morning. I know it's time for that, and I hate when it's so hot, but there seems to be so little in between.

Today is my baby's birthday, 22 years ago today, well this evening actually, we were fighting traffic with fans going to the Texas-Oklahoma University game, trying to get to Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas. We did make it in time, but just barely, I was doing the old "he he he" breathing thing on the gurney up to the maternity floor. 9 pounds, 15 1/2 ounces of pure, beautiful joy...and by the way, I could see why President Kennedy died, ---at that time anyway, Parkland hospital had it's issues.

I worked all day long yesterday and today I am immobile and in severe pain. I hurt like a sonofabitch to put it mildly. But that isn't too mild is it? Tomorrow is the day for help and I certainly hope it does. The MRI of my upper back has been scheduled for Monday afternoon, I really don't want to go through with this one, I have no interest in knowing if there is anything wrong with it, for me, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But, this Dr has been so good about getting everything handled and so thorough that I feel obligated and I will. I am just very aware of the power of suggestion, if I am told that i have issues with my upper back then I know i will begin to feel them. That is how the human mind works, or at least THIS human mind. Yes, my upper back hurts every day, and I really thought that every one's did. Apparently, that is not so-and I arrived upon that decision after a conversation with my Dr. So, I will have another MRI.

Yesterday, I used crutches and they really helped my walking. My left leg was threatening to give out. And so today, my arms are so weak that I am unsure of how long THEY will hold out. Holy Hell. Out.


Pen and the Sword said...

Happy Birthday to your baby :o) Man, I can't imagine my sons that old yet. I am going to hold on to their toddler years as long as I can ;o)

I bet the cold weather is just sending your back into waves of pain. I know my knee does that (if doing that right now). And of course it has to get damn cold just on time to take the kiddies out for the halloween candy. argh.

I hope your doctor has good news for you and that your epidural works wonders for you tomorrow.

SOUL: said...

hi. did i know that it was your boys bday today? did i know he was born in dallas? there's so much i know, that is buried in my senile mind. i hate that.
anyhow... happy birthday to your son, and i know you have lots of memories, to look back on. i'll have to tell you about patricks birthday sometime. it was somethin else. in a good way. sorta. :))
that kid was a wild child from day one.
actually pre day one.

anyhow... almost ten pounds. geesh.
big boy. patrick was 7-14 and soulkid was 7-9. my room mate when patrick was born had a ten pounder.. and that was a strange lookin baby. he looked like he was three months old! and another lady next door had a baby with a cleft pallet.. i hadn't ever heard of that before, much less seen it. but that baby was cute.

i hope you get feelin bettter.
i, as you can prolly tell, have meds kickin in. maybe i should stop typin for a while.
c ya round.

abbagirl74 said...

Hang in there mamma! And happy birthday to YOU, for having such a great kid.

CCC said...

Happt B-Day to your sweet baby! And throw on a sweater already! ;) I know I have...

Cheryl said...

And a happy birthday from me. And, good luck with the test. Ignore the power of suggestion.

Portia said...

Happy Birthday YS!!

Gypsy said...

Well happy belated birthday to your youngest Jamie. Good Lord... 9lbs 15oz - that is about how much my two babies weighed together..LOL.

I hear you about the power of suggestion. That's exactly why I don't read anything on the net about MS. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Roll on the epidural. I hate MRI's too, they are so bloody noisy and its tiresome laying still for so long. I'm usually in there for over an hour with my little blindfold on (I get claustrophobic otherwise and panic). I usually try to transport myself somewhere a lot more pleasant in my mind, sometimes it works, sometimes not.