Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Never piss backwards

When I was little, and I would complain about some little thing hurting, like my finger hurt or my foot hurt, my dad would say, want me to get the hammer and smash the other one? It never made sense to me, but but once I grew up , I understood that he was saying that you forget the little things when you have a big pain. So true. Like lately, I have forgotten that there is something seriously wrong with my eyes, because all I have been able to think about is my non-working legs. But this morning, it is all coming back to me. I am having big-trouble seeing the computer, or the keyboard. Great. I have blown off the Dr visits, mostly for the same reasons, I can only worry about one thing at a time, and frankly, I do believe all of this mess is tied in together. But when you can't see well, it can be a problem. Just sayin.

Am I the only one that cannot put the correct letters in the word verification box in the comment section lately? It is REALLY irritating me. I swear, I must be mentally challenged.

Work is challenging lately, and I am not referring to my physical maladies. Owner has been out all week with bronchitis. I have been more covered up than usual, and lordy....the things that have been going on....very, very challenging. The inmates really have been running the asylum. Owner just sort of lets things happen...unless they get in his way....and no one there is about to take anything to him. When I return, the shit sort of hits the fan. So, it has been flying EVERYWHERE , so to speak.

I made it more than seven hours yesterday, but I know I am hurting myself. The pain is getting out of hand, and I am taking more and more narcotics. I am so hoping that the epidurals on Friday will correct all of it. SO HOPING. I will see you all later. Out.


Beth said...

I'm hoping the epidurals work too....

and how would you piss backwards?

SOUL: said...

i thought it was don't piss into the wind?
are you sire it's just your eyes?
and NO .. you would be surprised just HOW many bloggers i have had to ask to remove the damn word verification crap from their blog. and you would be even MORE surprised at how many actually do that for me. i cannot see that shit either..and have you ever tried to listen to the damn computer READ it for you. my gawd. thats even worse!

anyhow.. take it easy on yourself today..
and call bossman ant tell him to get to work. i had to function with freakin bronchitis for ..well it's STILL lingering...but gettin better.. and it isn't contagious , so that is a lame excuse.

anyhow.. ahve a good day.. and i hope too that friday is a miracle you been waitin for!

abbagirl74 said...

I cannnot see the letters in that damn little box either. It's very frustrating.

Gypsy said...

Why do people put that irritating thing on their comments? The amount of times I have to do it twice because I screwed it up the first time. Grrr.....

I am always losing my glasses Jamie and I feel quite helpless without them. My eye sight is deteriorating at a frightening rate and its not just age either.

Praying for a miracle for you on Friday my sweet. I can't even imagine what a battle its been for you this past week.

PS What about "don't piss on my back and tell me its raining" - a bit much? I thought so

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hi Miss Jamie! I'm wondering if the pain meds are possibly messing with your vision. They sure do for me. Or did it start before that?

Ahh those DAMN verification boxes, I wish Blogger would eliminate them. They drive me crazy! I can never get it right the first time, and usually it takes about three tries. I just can't believe there is so many problems with spam that it's necessary. I have had like two pieces of spam since I started, and WTH - just delete it!

Believe me, we are all prayin' right along with you that the epidurals do their job. Lord, you won't even know how to act if you weren't in so much pain. I just makes me cry for you.

A week out with bronchitis, I gotta agree with Soul Sis, he's milkin' it. That isn't very fair when he knows how horrible you feel. Any one of us wouldn't even be showing up to help him, and with FMLA laws, I doubt there is much he could do to you if you didn't. He should count his blessings and get back in control of his ship!

Two more days to Friday, hang in there, Sweetie. I love ya!

Amanda said...

I'm no multitasker when it comes to worrying either, so I do understand this. And I turned off the verification thingie. Been meaning to do it anyway.

It's depressing the way most people will behave when they think they can get away with about inviting every employee in for a one-to-one chat while playing around with something like this...

ac said...

Good luck with your injection on Friday. I've had five so far for my stenosis and degenerating disk disease. The last one reduced my pain level about 70 percent. Not perfect... but waay better than before. I hope you get good results from yours. I'll be rooting for you. ac

simonsays said...

Oh Amanda, you make me laugh...and I needed that today...

In fact, all of you are the best!

I have made the best friends in the world.

I feel I should explain the title of this post:

In the car business, pissing backwards is undoing a done car deal. Once the deal has been made and all that is left is the handing over of the money, when the customer changes their mind, it's called pissing backward.

Ac---I am happy to hear that the epidurals helped you---i would so LOVE to have 70% less pain, thanks for the encouragement!

You all are the best, ever!

Pen and the Sword said...

I agree with Josie. Pain meds affect your nervous system and in turn could be giving you blurred vision. Sometimes that is one of the side effects. Be careful with that hon. I had a really, really bad experience with narcotics after my c-section... they can be scary. Not to scare you! Just be observant and report such things to your doctor.

I hope Friday finds you feeling much better and ready to conquer the world :o)

Portia said...

about the word verifs- i know for a fact that i can see them AND enter them correctly and the stupid thing STILL makes me do it two or three times sometimes. no idea but it's definitely not you.

i am hoping friday brings good news and major relief for you too!!!

your titles always make me laugh:):) (no pressure tho;)

Maria said...

Ok...just a question...have you ever been checked for diabetes? Because if it goes untreated, it can mess up your eyesight and also cause neuropathy which can make your legs, feet quite painful.....

You don't even have to go to a md. Drugstores all carry tests...

Christine said...

That stupid box is one of my greatest pet peeve. I used to simply not comment on the blogs that had it but I couldn't shut up that much.

Cheryl said...

I hate that word verification stuff. I don't want to jinx myself, but I've never had a problem with spammers.

I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. Best of luck on Friday.

SOUL: said...

soulman says stuff like that to soulkid aaaalll the time.
that and when she wants to go somewhere.. he will tell her, oh they closed that place down.
it doesn't work very well anymore, but she used to fall for it.
hope you are feeling ok tonight.
will look for ya in the mornin.

SOUL: said...

you hididn? sleepin? workin? where is jamie? hope you are ok.
one more day... hang in there.
(i know i know..i shouldn't be smokin...but they just want me to i am!..smokin..not sufferin.. well except for the obvious)
come ovah... coffee's hot.
have a good day.
don't be too hopefully won't be as bad as you think. i just hope it WORKS!!!
please let me know. i will be checkin. and checkin. and checkin.
prayin for a miracle.

BallerinaGurl said...

ahhhh epidurals! Wouldn't mind tapping into that from the comfort of my couch once in a while! Never mind my own back pain....just something to wisk you off to la law land hehe!

simonsays said...

Maria, I have been checked repeatedly for diabetes, it runs in my family, and so far, I don't have THAT. And, it is one thing I don't want. Yes, the last neurologist kept saying, why don't you have it, you have all the other problems that go with eye problems are not diagnosed yet, they go beyond failing eyesight, I have the damage of glaucoma, but no glaucoma...hell, I just give up...old age, I tell you, just old age.

Christine and ballerinagirl---thanks for stopping by, I am always happy to have new visitors!