Saturday, March 17, 2007

No Cooperation

Ugh...not so hot this morning. My left hip/ leg keeps "catching" on something inside, and makes a weird noise/painful scraping when I walk. It is snowing. It is fucking SNOWING. I thought we were in the clear, and it is SNOWING. This winter is relentless. Have I mentioned that I hate winter? I know the snow won't last long, it will be forty-five degrees today, but I don't think we need it at all, are you listening to me, weather gods? Take it back, bring back the mid fifties, mid sixties, and don't let me see you for at least another three seasons. Damn. I don't know if I am going to make it to the garage today, it hurts to walk. I wanted to go to the big city for dinner tonight, although I am having a problem working out the logistics of doing that. One too many cars, no time to bring it home, then we will have to drive on SUNDAY to get it....Oh how lovely it would be to live in a place that has restaurants, just on the corner, places to go, things to do....I used to have that, way back, and I took it for granted. I moved to this small town hell, thinking it was the way to go, the best way to raise children, blah blah blah....I have learned that small towns have their own powers, their own legal systems, their own kinds of hell....freakin busy bodies, too much gossip, if they don't KNOW the truth, just make the story up....I hate it here, I think the people here are small minded. I keep to myself, I always have, and that does not sit well with those that must know who you are, why are you here,what do you do, what do you want...bite me. I will get out of here, soon. Unfortunately, I will go to a similar place, but it's a little closer to civilization. A little. I don't know what I will do today, I will try and get to work, but my leg is going to have to cooperate, first. Over and Out.

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