Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't stick your feet in the lemonade

My coffee is so incredibly good this morning, some days it's just okay, today---uuuum. It is late for me, I didn't wake up until five am! Thursday again, the day from hell. It has already been such a long week, only three more days to go. I am really making progress at work, but still so much to do, and we are on the beginning of a new month, plus the other business opens in less than four weeks. Holy shit, where did the time go? Our house is no where near finished, poor H has worked at the garage most of his three months off, so what now? No idea. I guess it will all work out. He will also have tons to do at S's house at the end of this month, it will have to be re-done (cleaned, painted) before we can sell it. I am dreading that whole process. H says that S and family won't really move, we will see. I don't see what they will do otherwise, and she it too stubborn to work something different out with me. I feel really bad about the whole thing, but I am really beginning to be pissed about it, too. I am sick of people using me, and no matter what I said the other day, I don't deserve this bullshit. Enough said. The weather this week has really sucked ass, and it's only going to get worse. It has been so damned cold. This weekend will be worse. I hate winter, have I mentioned that? I guess I should get my ass in gear, I am in quite alot of pain this am, so that will slow me down. Hope your day is good, mine too. Over and Out.

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