Wednesday, January 31, 2007

FUN. Fun. fUN.

Everything is pissing me off today. EVERYTHING. I am having an issue with the 941 taxes, I never have problems with that, but today, oh today. Shit. I am in a really bad place in my head, although I have produced an amazing amount of work the past couple of days. Good damned thing, as I am still running behind. We have been incredibly busy here, and that is the goal-I am well aware, but of course, it falls on the days that I have a gazillion other fucking things to get done. No complaints however, that's how I keep bread on the table, or actually-beer on the table, and the rent of kids paid, and pop tarts in the cupboard. SO....hang in there me, hang in there. I think some of my issues could be stemming from the lack of miracle pills, plus the fact that some of my family members are being assholes, and i am about to be hung with a house that I don't want to make the payments on, but hey, life goes on, plus the fact that certain children of mine (child) is sad and it's pissing me off because she wasn't married to the freakin' Messiah, and he wasn't even that good to her when things were good, and she's so damned cute and talented and funny, geez-there are a million other jerks in the sea, for heaven's sake, go GET one. If you can't be with the one you love Honey, love the one your with. They are basically all the same-(the good one's that is) and there ARE good one's out there, you don't have to marry the bastards, just have some fun. Fun. FUN. Remember what that is? It's okay to be alone, but go out, have good times, your are young, no kids, single, holy crap, just have FUN. I am repeating myself. I am sorry. But things look so very different when you are my age, there is no shame in a lack of drama, it really is a good thing, even-keel feels nice. No need to be suicidal over every small thing. Stop kicking thy ass. Geez. Later.

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