Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Up once again with the damned chickens, or before them - I don't think the chickens wake up at three thirty, at least not the chickens I know, as they are really pretty lazy, partying chickens. What did she say, partying chickens? I used to live on a farm when I was little, and we really did get up with the chickens, and I think that was somewhere around fivish, the roosters started crowing with a vengeance at that time. If you didn't want to wake with them, that was too bad because my grandfather INSISTED that everyone in that house was up with him. He would play that radio so loud that the room shook - there was only ONE station, and gospel music was blaring, to sort of help ease you into your day. My grandmother would have the wood cook stove heating up in the kitchen, and I would have to wash my face and hands in the pitcher and bowl on the kitchen counter near the back door (it was close to the well). There was no running water, no furnace, only wood heat, and my grandma could make the world's best biscuits in that old wood oven. I asked her once to show me how to make them (after I grew up) and I couldn't duplicate them, I suppose because I was trying to make them in one of those newfangled gas ovens. I have no idea why I am going into this now, I guess I just flashed on the cold winter mornings there, such a strange way of life, but comforting childhood memories for me now. I really loved being there, I felt loved there, until my dad arrived. And he always did. Onward...

We went to the dinner with the brood, I had a great time, although my food sucked. I think that friend will be just fine, you can't help but like him. I am certain that he was wondering what the hell he had gotten himself into, we are a bit of a family of lunatics, but they are my lunatics and I love them to death. Evidently H wasn't too much into it, what the hell else is new? I can picture my life without him these days, I have no idea where his head is, he tells me he will take care of it, I think that's a grand idea. Time will tell. We did a bit of shopping, it was so damned cold, and the temperature between H and I was colder, it was little fun. I hate the cold and winter, have i mentioned that before? I did buy a couple of books, one I wanted so badly I stooped to paperback. Whoa. I am looking forward to reading them. That's probably what my day will consist of, I want to take a walk in the snow, I am going to cook a decent meal, and I am going to spend the rest of the day on my big ass, reading. I love Sundays. Later----

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