Saturday, January 13, 2007

Would you lay with me, in a field of stone

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day......everything's going my way. Saturday today, a short day at work, then I am meeting the brood in the big city for dinner. It should be a good time. Yesterday at work, I really did manage to accomplish some work, some real work, I am wondering if it had anything to do with the skull and crossbones that i hung on my closed door. teehee. Seriously.

Crazy dog is at it again, being crazy, I mean. She really is developing a personality, after all these years. Not that she likes me anymore than she ever has, but she really is funny and makes me laugh when I am not wanting to kill her. I want so badly to get another dog, a puppy, one that could actually take part of the place in my heart left open when Snowman died. There really is no good solution to that problem, and for many reasons, I can't do that. I would gladly settle for a kitten, then at least we could leave it for all the hours that we have to be gone during the day, but I worry that Crazydog would take all her aggression out on it, too. It would be such a huge worry all the time, it really just wouldn't worth it. And I haven't dealt with a litter box for more than twenty years, I don't even know where I could put one. Not meant to be a this time, apparently.

I am tired today, we went out last night, and had a really good time. I did, anyway, you never know about H. But he didn't have anything to say about it, so I guess he was okay, too. Snow storm coming in tomorrow, or at least that's how the story goes. The amount of predicted snow gets about two inches less each day, maybe by tomorrow, it will only be a little. A girl can hope, anyway. I hate winter and snow and ice and cold. I guess I should get with it, it's getting late. I hope your day is great.

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