Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow warning - Holy Crap

This day has gone by in a blur, it started and now it's over. Just like that. I went to work, it was crazy as usual there, but it flew by. The shop did get cleaned, and it looks minimally better. Apparently there is a mother of a snow storm on the way, so spending too much time on the floors and such really didn't make a hell of a lot of sense. I am having all the family over tomorrow, all except D, that is. She felt that she had other things she needed to take care of right now, like getting her life in order since she just moved, and she didn't want to fight the weather, and I guess I don't blame her, but I really was looking forward to having her here. She also has some web work that she needs to get done for me, and that will take awhile. With the predicted storm, OS and YS and GF are coming down tonight, so that will be fun. We are just going to stay in tonight, I am tired and somewhat pissy, I am feeling pretty rough this evening. We were out late last night, why does is never seem worth it, but only after the fact? It was nice to get out, however. I am wondering if I will have my mom and R and sister and family with the predicted HEAVY SNOW WARNING. My mom hates getting out in any kind of weather, and i know it's hard on her. So I guess we will see. It may only be us----talk tomorrow.

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