Friday, January 19, 2007

Blind in one eye, and can't see out of the other

Yesterday was the day from hell. I spent HOURS having tests done on my eyes, by the time I left there, I was blind, literally. My eyes still feel weird this morning, but at least I can see, as well as ever, anyway. Apparently I am going blind. Or some shit. I have to go back in three weeks to have alot of it done again. Other than that I don't want to talk about it.

I spent alot of time yesterday and last night trying to contact my D-for some unknown reason, she will not call me back, and since I know she reads this, I expect a call from her this morning. We need to work out the details on some things this am.

I have had a rough couple of days, at least this is Friday, and while I have to work tomorrow as well as today, it will be easier. I had every intention of going to work after my appt yesterday, but i had no idea it would take so long, or that i would literally be unable to see when I was finished. So I am really behind in alot of things, but what else is new? Today will be trying, tomorrow I have scheduled a clean up day in the garage, and while I don't have to actually do the work, I do have to oversee all of it. I have planned a large family dinner for Sunday, as my Mom is having surgery the following day. I thought it might help to take her mind off of all of it, as well as help me because I am quite nervous about the whole thing. I don't like her having another surgery but this is necessary, she has a blockage in the artery in her leg, and Monday they have to go in and fix it. She is getting up there in age and she is not strong, and the whole thing really worries me. I am not ready to lose her, so I just keep praying. They are now predicting pretty major snow for Saturday night, and that will keep her in the house quicker than anything. So hopefully, the guest of honor will show up.

Today, my niece is sixteen. Hard to believe. And my ex-husband is fifty-seven. Harder to believe. And tomorrow, my dad would have been seventy five. Holy crap, how can we all be getting that old?

I guess I'd better get with it. H is going to work with me today, and GF and YS are upstairs sleeping, as GF has to work with me, as well. OS will be in today to work on the web page, and D will be calling me, right? I hope your day is great, and I hope mine will be, too.

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