Sunday, January 21, 2007

My cleanest dirty shirt

Good Morning - awake at three thirty, on a SUNDAY, there is something wrong with that. I am still tired, but my body demanded that i get up. So here I am. It is snowing, not that it is a surprise to me, but a girl can hope that they are all wrong, and it wouldn't snow at all. Last night was pretty much a bust, ordered a pizza, laid down, fell asleep. Kids came in, I saw them for a minute or two, fell back asleep. OS is sleeping nearby, I am sure he is thrilled that i got up so early. Don't know is there is too much snow for guests to show up today or not. I have tons to do if they do make it here, and really a lot to do even if they don't, as we still have to eat. Just won't have to make so much, but I would like all to be able to get here. This coming week is going to be a mess, so much to do, so much going on. It makes my head hurt thinking about all of it. I will be back later.

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