Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's give 'em something to talk about

It was a long, long day. Things went fine, according to the doctor, she looked so small and frail, and so not well when she got out, but she wasn't sick, and seemed pretty good for what had been done to her. I hate waiting, I am not good at it. I had gone to work for a few hours before, and got there right at noon. They had already taken her to surgery, so I didn't get to see her before. That was not the way I wanted it. Hospitals seem to be unable to actually schedule things, and while I understand they have human issues that prevent things running on time, I wanted to see her before she went in. It didn't matter, though. All things were okay. I got to spend some time with both my sisters. That part was good. I don't think we are too much alike, or if we are I can't see it. But I love both of them. I am worn out through and through today, I guess the stress of the week is getting to me. Un-naturally tired, for some reason. I have to hurry off to work today, I have to interview a fella for the detail position, it's just a matter of choosing the RIGHT felon. It seems they all are. I have so much work to do, it's beyond behind. Way beyond. Owner will not be back to the garage for a couple of weeks, that will make things more of a mess for me. H is getting sick, I don't know what's up with that, he never gets sick. He is probably tired of driving my ass to the big city, and he gets to do it again this afternoon. It was after seven when we got in last night, it will be well beyond that this evening. Shit. Then tomorrow, we get to wake up and go again, leave here at seven in the morning, for another drive back to the big city. AHHHHH! I hate doctors, hospitals, tests, all the medical bullshit. HATE it. It's once again, a lack of control, and having someone telling me what to do, and we all know how I am about that. I don't have to do what they say, I realize that, but I am seeking out their help, so I tend to think that I should do what they ask, and i probably should do it like a big girl, without making an ass out of myself. That's asking alot, I don't know. I will get back to you on that one, after I get put into that big, long, LOUD tube where they inject shit into my arm and take RADIATED pictures of my brain and eyes, it will be good times, count on that. Yes, I know there really is no radiation involved in an MRI, I know it's MAGNETIC, not that it means shit to me. I will have to take out my earrings, I haven't done that for years, not since my H and kids gave me all these diamonds. I would be smart to do that this morning, and i won't have to worry about losing them. Shit. Another thing I have to change about me, tomorrow, I get to go to the big city without makeup. Fun times, good times. Fuck me. Really. Later.

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