Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cow Vein!

Holy hell, this day is hard, I feel so bad. So bad. I have actually taken a pain pill, something I have never done on the job, but I am afraid it will become common. I am really afraid of that. I am dreading going in for this stupid test, but enough whining. I am tired of doing it and you have to be tired of reading it. So, I will let it rest for now. On a positive note, my mom is being released from the hospital today, so she must be doing okay. That is a miracle, one I am happy to receive. I think the next few days will be pretty rough for her, but that is to be expected when you have had a large portion of your artery removed in your leg and replaced with a cow vein. A cow vein! What a strange thought. Well, I am off pretty soon, to put my body in a big metal tube. Woohoo. Later.

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