Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The wind of change is blowing through this continent

To rely on alcohol as pain control probably isn't the smartest move, and yet, it helps so much. The side effects come into play when you have too much pain control on a Monday night. And you do things that perhaps you wouldn't have done, had you not been in pain. Shit.

It is now Tuesday, and I am looking at driving back to the big city for another day of waiting. I hate waiting, and I know that things could go on just fine without my presence at the hospital, but if anything happened, I know I would never forgive myself. So, I will go and wait. The problem is, I will have to drive back to the big city tomorrow afternoon for that damed mri, and then again on Thursday for a dr appt. Fuck. I have so much to do. I wish I could get my shit together and get it done, that will have to happen the end of this week. I am out of options. I guess I always have worked best under pressure, but this shit it going a little too far. A little, hell. A lot too far. Owner is leaving for a vacation in the am. That just makes it harder for me to get it all done, I think if I worked on Sunday it would help, at least there would be no interruptions. That is the plan, anyway.

I hope this day goes well, I hope that i feel better this morning, although so far, not so good. I hope your day is awesome, as well. Later.

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