Thursday, December 07, 2006

Went to a garden party....

I have a list of blogs that I read faithfully each morning; some of the writers feel like friends. One in particular, I have found quite entertaining, I have linked his blog to my page - "4th Avenue Blues". If you have clicked over and checked it out, you know it is written by a very talented man with issues - bi-polar, schizophrenia. He hasn't posted since the first of this month, a VERY long time for him, as he usually posts at least once a day , if not more. I am quite worried about him, and pray that he is okay. Apparently there are quite a few of us worrying - as his comments are full of concern.
I made it all day at work yesterday - yay for me! I am still pretty messed up and in quite a lot of pain, but I am stronger, and hope that I can make it the whole 12 hours today. YS's GF should be in today to work with me, that will make the day fun. Hopefully I will get to see YS as well. Although, that does lessen the amount of work that i will manage to do.
I am planning on having Thanksgiving with my family next Friday, December 15th. It is the only day that all my kiddos can make it home at the same time, and all of them have been whining about the lack of Mom's turkey this year. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully GF can make it, too, although she works in retail and getting a Friday evening off in the middle of the Christmas rush will probably be a problem. Having Christmas with them ten days later will be a bit of a hit and miss. There will be no way that we can all be in the same room at the same time, but hey, I will take what I can get. I will be quite happy when all the holiday BS is over, it is stressful and expensive. All of the fun went out of it when the kids all left home, and i wish every year for the meaning to come back - I know all the answers to that dilemma, I do help those that need it, and that helps some, but for me, kids are the reason for all of it. Maybe someday.
I was quite happy to have H back home last evening - we had a good time together. As time goes by, i realize more each day how blessed I am to have him.
Guess I'd best get with it, I need pills this morning, I hurt. Hope your day is great! Over and Out.

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