Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reindeer Pause, Reindeer Paws?

It has been a long day already, and it's only early evening. I have been busy since my last post, shopping and cooking. The holidays are alot of work, and by Monday morning, I won't be able to walk. In fact, I could be having issues with that yet tonight. H gets irritated with me every year because I do too much, but what am I supposed to do?

I saw my mom and R for a little while today, she looked pretty good, considering the pain that i know she is in. All the kids are at their dad's for Christmas tonight, I am glad that they can see him now that he's moved back from the island. D is better, seemed pretty normal on the phone. OS showed up, went to play ball, came back and showered and left for his father's. He will be here for a few days. I talked to YS on the phone earlier, he was in good spirits. All is okay with the world. For now. H just left ot take the Christmas gifts to his two brothers and their families, and to his parents. He will probably be gone for a little while, it's okay, I welcome the quiet. There has been little alone time for the past several weeks. At times i miss it, but I also hate when H is gone all the time in the summer.

I am going to grab my book and my comfy clothes. I will talk to you later.

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