Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Wish

It's the Eve of Christ's Birthday. That fact makes me feel happy, no matter what turmoil I have in my mind. I am a true believer, always have been and forever will be. Happy Birthday, Jesus.

There have been so many wonderful Christmas's in my life. Many of them stand out in my brain, to never be forgotten. When my kids were little, Christmas was like magic, for them and for me. I don't recall ever being happier. I am grateful and quite blessed to have those memories. I hope they remember them in the same light that I do.

Today will be a mixed blessing of joy and love and lots of work. I am not quite up to where i had hoped to be physically, but somehow I will persevere. I always do. I intend to enjoy the day, the time, because lets face it, Christmas 2006 will never be around again. I will love my family and forgive their idiosyncrasies, and irritations, just like I hope they do for me. There is joy in any situation, and I certainly have been in worse positions, worse places, worse physical shape in the past. I am grateful for what i have, all the love that I have, for so many things. Today will not be a day of wishing things were different, of whining about my lack of spirit, it will be a day of loving my life, just the way it is.

I wish all that happen by this page, all the peace and joy and love that their hearts can hold. I wish that they feel the love of God every day, but on this day most of all. Merry Christmas readers.

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