Friday, December 08, 2006

Chrisgiving or Thanksmas?

What on earth would we do without the Internet? In the past ten years it has become every bit a part of me as my left arm-and I cannot imagine life without it. I use it for countless tasks throughout my day, and many parts of my job require its use. However, I never anticipated all that I would use it for personally. I couldn't do my banking without it, I couldn't or wouldn't want to pay my bills without it, if I don't know something, I turn to it for answers, I no longer use regular mail to keep up with anyone, and frequently it replaces the telephone (and that certainly doesn't break my heart as I HATE talking on the phone). It was first introduced into my home in 1996, and i couldn't imagine what the hell the kids wanted it for, what will you USE it for? Funny. I was afraid of it, and my kids were all over the keyboard, all the time, and I used to wonder why I didn't GET it. I look back on those days and laugh.

Friday-I hope better than yesterday. I don't feel so hot this morning, a little weak. I will be glad when I can talk with the doctor, I have a few questions. I have had this stupid illness (lupus) since i was 29, I am now 46. Shit, that is going on 20 years! Seventeen to be more exact. I was quite ill at one time, on disability, and I decided I would rather be dead than live the way I was living then. One pill after another, then take another pill to cure the side effects of the first one, fat from steroids, tired, so fucking tired day after day. I cannot and will not go back to that. I refuse. And I don't know what's happening to me now.

H has been working with me, to help us get out of the backlog that we're in. It's nice having him there, but he has been working pretty hard, and I know he's tired. I also know he hates doing it, it's a dirty crappy job, but he's been really sweet about it. YS and GF didn't make it down yesterday - I was hoping to see them. I am pissed because I can't have the Thanksgiving dinner with my kids on the 15th, Owner will be out of town, and I have to be at work. I already knew his schedule, I just spaced it off. So we will try for the 22nd. Right before Christmas. We could call it Chrisgiving. Or Thanksmas. A new holiday! Hope your day is great:)

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