Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why'd you come in here looking like that?

Hey Hey Hey - Saturday. I am tired and slightly hungover-bet you can guess what i did last night. Oh Hell, I CANNOt type today. Fingernails have grown to the length of the next row of keys, and my brain will not lock and load. A good combination for blogging.

We have been so busy at the garage - yea! It's not been a good year, and i am hoping that this trend will continue into 2007.

Holy Crap - I started this post hours ago, and am just now getting back to it. This has been a good day, a little busy, and fun with D. H is here also. Saturdays are usually pretty good, calm days. The phone doesn't ring incessantly, (usually), and the shop is closed and that cuts down on general noise, and general bitching from the service manager.

I am tired today, but that is my own fault. I am feeling a little better, maybe. I want to so bad.
I have been having stray chest pains recently, and that is something that upsets me. I had a bout of percarditus in 2003, and while that is painful, there is little that can be done about it, and it won't generally cause anything more serious. The problem is that you can't tell if you are leading up to a heart attack or having an attack of it without pretty major testing, and if you assume it is percarditus, and it really isn't, it could leave you dead. Stuff like this really pisses me off. I hate having to deal with the bullshit of bad health. I resent dr's and their stupid questions, their intrusions, their damned testing. I hate everything about it. I have spent so many years fucking around with all of it.

I think I should get myself ready to go home - I will talk to you later.

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