Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love the IRS. I love the IRS. I love the IRS.

And so, I survived my Easter dinner. And so did everyone that attended, although when some of the guests--my youngest and company -- were very late, I wasn't so sure they would. However, the issue was getting off work in time, so not completely their fault. It's funny, I have gone from nearly weekly family gatherings, to major holidays only, and still, getting the whole crew here at the same time is a problem. Once we are all here, once the food is eaten and the mess is cleared, it is always fun. My kids are all crazy, and I am serious. They make me laugh like no one else ever has. Most of the joy I have from these family days is from watching all of them together, watching what true friends they are, how much they love each other, and how well they interact. It's funny, when they were growing up, most days, they HATED their brothers and sisters. That part is the best ever.

This week is hard. I am struggling along, but it is a struggle. A big one.

I am looking forward to the weekend, I am having a tiny baby shower for Janelle - just family and a couple of her really close friends. Trav will be here on Friday, that part I am very excited about. She can only stay one day, but that's better than not at all.

April 15th - oh how I love the IRS. I wrote the first of many big checks out last night. Oh how I love the IRS. Have I mentioned how much I love the IRS? Happy Humpday.


Just Be Real said...

I am so very sorry that you are struggling dear one, but that you have something nice to look forward to this weekend.
IRS, oh yeah! I used to work for a CPA, so I know what April 15th can do for many.
Blessings dear one!

Terri said...

Does your daughter know what she is having? What's the due date? Glad you made it through the holiday, they usually are tiring for the moms. Have a good work week (only two more days!!)

Kathy said...

Getting everyone to one place at the same time is IMPOSSIBLE. One of our kids is ALWAYS late and my husband paces until they're all here and safe. Then the fun begins. It is nice to see them interacting like adults. I used to consider putting trunks on them and having them duke it out in the ring!

josie2shoes said...

You are so right about what good medicine our kids can be, Liza. A phone call from mine can cheer me up for hours. My son has a warped sense of humor that always makes me laugh. My daughter and I see life so much alike that she jokes about trading in her genetics for a new set. I get to spend time with her this weekend and am so looking forward to it!

I'm glad you survived Easter and you will survive the blood-sucking IRS too.

Glad you are having a shower for Janelle. I just know this grandma thing is going to add so much long-overdue joy to your life, and lucky is the child who wins you for a grandma! :-)

fiwa said...

Yay! Trav is coming! I hope you have a good day with her and that the baby shower is a success.

Brad said...

I'm glad you had fun with the kids. I know what you mean about them being friends and how diff. it is from when they were younger. I love my sister NOW - back then? not at ALL!

ambersun said...

Hi again

So glad you had a good time with your kids.

I know what it's like with hating each other and then being friends. My brother and I hated each other as kids. Now he's paying for me to holiday with him.

God Bless


Cheryl said...

I couldn't believe the lines of cars at the post office today. I paid the IRS yesterday. I figured the day before was close enough.

So glad you had a great family gathering. There's nothing like family.

Amanda said...

I'm soooo envious! I have another 6 weeks before I can feel that sort of love. ;) ;) ;)

SOUL: said...

sorry it's a rough week. you'd think we'd be used to those by now eh? mine's not so hot out here either.
but it's movin along-- it's almost friday-- and you get to see your sis. that will be good for you.
are you gonna play silly games and all that traditional stuff--- or just toss the gifts at her and tell her party time's over? :))

i can't believe how CLOSE she's getting... i hope y'all are ready.

i can't wait to see a pic of the lil guy.

how's j doin anyhow-- i think i could barely move by that stage.

i hope you have a good good day--

happy easter got some some laughs out of you--

as for the irs-- we slid thru right at the deadline again-- why does procrastination worsen with age? between that and my belly girth expanding-- well.. i'm not too thrilled about what else i will find to worsen with age---
a few more days and i'll be officially old -- i can't wait. ugh. yes i lie. i have always run twenty years ahead in the way i feel vs my true age... and i already see and feel it comin. erg.

welp-- happy day and weekend-- to you-
and i hope the shower goes off without a hitch!